Central News: Crossroads: Jill and Adam
A television legend, Crossroads was one of ITV’s most enduring soap operas and this special-edition box set is released to celebrate the 45th anniversary of its first broadcast. Crossroads has enjoyed a new lease of life on DVD and has become one of Network DVDs bestselling ranges over the years. Due to popular demand an ongoing series of releases were created to showcase all the remaining episodes, in transmission order. The box set brings all those volumes – over 20 – in one special release.

Starring Noele Gordon as motel owner Meg Richardson, Crossroads was voted Best ITV Series 1968 by television viewers, most popular show three years running by readers of The Sun, placed as most popular programme in several gallop polls of the 1970s – and even had the distinction of being given the title of best television programme 1974 by readers of upmarket broadsheet, The Daily Telegraph. Leading lady Noele Gordon also has the honour of being the only soap star to receive so many gongs – Most popular person on television eight years running in the TV Times awards, best actress and ITV personality awards to name only a few that were all bestowed on the former West End actress.

This set chronologically contains all the episodes, of the UK’s first full-length daily soap, known to exist up to May 1979, with three recently found episodes (including the earliest known to survive) included as a bonus disc. Because hundreds of Crossroads episodes no longer exist not all storylines in the earlier shows can be followed through to completion, but as is the nature of soap opera storylines can be picked up often at ease.


Crossroads revolves around the staff and guests of the Crossroads Motel in the fictional village of Kings Oak. As well as the central action taking place at the motel a host of other locations form part of the storyline over the years, including the village post office, corner shop and a number of farms.

Some of the biggest storylines are contained on the discs, including the groundbreaking car crash of 1972, which saw the character of Sandy Richardson left disabled. This plot saw ATV launch the Crossroads Caring for Carers scheme, which still runs to this day and is one of the world’s biggest charities, giving carers a break from their daily routines.

Other plots include legendary Amy Turtle – unstoppable Ann George – arrested for shoplifting after she took a “funny turn” following the death of her son. The wedding of the year 1975 when nearly 20 million tuned in to see Meg Richardson marry her third husband Hugh Mortimer – the suave former Hollywood actor John Bentley.

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