Murderer Lucas, EastEndersReligious lunatics aren’t new to soap opera. Brookside and Crossroads had their fair share of them over the years; from the 1969 Crossroads cult which lured Jill Richardson and Diane Lawton into the world of witchcraft to Simon Howe who in Brookside turned number 5 into a base of religious bliss, only to blow the place up after converting Terry Sullivan and Katie Rogers then announcing a bizarre suicide pact. Now BBC Three is to air a one-hour EastEnders special exploring the murders of preacher Lucas Johnson.


Lucas isn’t the first Walford resident with blood on his hands and this show will look back at some of the most grisly, thrilling and emotional demises, exploring what makes the perfect EastEnders murder.


The show will chat with those involved in the latest events and previous EastEnders murder storylines including Don Gilet (Lucas Johnson), Diane Parish (Denise Johnson), Martin Kemp (Steve Owen) and Shaun Williamson (Barry Evans).


“EastEnders: The Murders of Lucas Johnson lifts the lid on the biggest soap story of the year. Will the Square ever recover from Lucas’ path of destruction?” the BBC say.


Viewers of EastEnders decided to play “guess the outcome” recently to whether Lucas really killed Denise, you can see some of the results of that debate in an article from July 5th entitled Guess The EastEnders Plots – Denise Isn’t Dead.


EastEnders: The Murders Of Lucas will air at 8.30pm on Friday 30th July, BBC Three.  

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