An episode of EastEnders that featured a regular character killed off after being stabbed has been deemed acceptable for a pre-watershed audience by Ofcom after complaints were made.

The episode at the centre of the outrage is the exit of Jase Dyer (Stephen Lord) who was stabbed to death in an episode of the BBC One saga in August.

Of com has received 45 complaints, while the beeb itself has received 134, noting the violent nature of the scenes and questioning their suitability for pre-watershed broadcast. The corporation released a statement defending the episode stating the violence was “implied rather than explicit”. Ofcom appear to agree with the BBC as they have not held upheld the complaints.

Other sensitive souls took to the BBC’s Points of View message board to express their disgust with one poster claiming the episode had “made his wife physical sick”.

Ofcom is currently investigating another episode of EastEnders in which Tony King was seen passionately kissing his step-daughter Whitney. The BBC received 163 complaints about the scene while Ofcom received 41. The BBC has developed the abuse storyline involving Tony King and Whitney Dean in association with NSPCC.

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