Welcome to a special edition of The Friday File. For two weeks only the reigns have been handed over to me, Doug Lambert, while Ian prepares to launch a new season in August. So those pesky soap stars might have sighed a breath of relief but alas it was too soon because the Friday File hasn’t gone away just yet.

The Bill goes German

For its 25th anniversary The Bill is heading to Germany for a Madeliene McCann style story. When a girl disappears German and Bill forces are to join together. To make it even more ‘special’ the storyline will crossover with a German police series – SOKO Leipzig

“This is a fantastic opportunity to combine the skills and talents of the production teams of two highly successful shows. It’s been a really positive adventure pulling the project together, but the success of the idea is testament to the strong working relationships we have developed. We’ve devised two great episodes that neither of us would have been able to do on our own.”

-Jonathan Young, The Bill’s executive producer.

Surely inflicting The Bill on German viewers is a rather pointless affair? While its fun for us Brits to play ‘Spot The Ex Soap Star‘, and lets be honest thats the only reason you could have for watching the show, our German counterparts are likely to know who half the cast are! So they won’t get bonus points for picking out all the ex-EastEnders actors or the one-time Hollyoaks faces.

Maybe a good way for The Bill to celebrate 25 years on air would be to invite back a few old faces – yes from the days when it used to be a good show – and axe the pretties from the cast who are just there to look attractive and get taken hostage on a regular occasion…..oooo isn’t that the job of the old Doctor Who companions?


Did the Earth Move for You?

Coronation Street was rocked by an Earthquake on Monday night. Well it must have been because the set shock worse than a Crossroads one.

Well actually Crossroads sets rarely shook and were a dam sight more realistic than the Corrie ones. So why did the Corrie set shake on Monday night when someone slammed a door? Maybe because the sets are in a worse state than the scripts, storylines and performances of late – which is really saying something,

Staying on Corrie, its nice to see someone has had good British weather this year. While it’s been pouring down here it must have been bloody sunny over Coronation Street to explain why half the cast are permanently tanned.


Another Dire Soap on the way?

According to trashy tabloids ‘pop group’ Girls Aloud could get an online soap. Oh dear more dubious talent being egged. Can’t they just join the cast of Hollyoaks?

“They’re all really excited – it promises to be a lot of fun. They’ve made a lot of really cool videos and appeared in the St Trinian’s film last year. But this is the first time they’ve had the chance to show off their acting talents.” A source told one trashy paper.

Lets hope there acting ability is better than their so-called singing abilities, then again, Antony Cotton can neither act, sing or present but look where he is today. Girls Aloud could be ITV’s next big thing. About time the viewers had a new, better looking, national joke to laugh at.



Feature: The Antony Cotton Acting Watch

Have you spotted Antony Cotton actually acting yet? Nope neither have we. Just checking though. If miracle does occur and you do spot him acting don’t forget to email us!

< Remember hugging a cushion does not count as acting.


Top Trash Newspaper Stories:

  • Corrie cast members are dropping likes flies according to a source. Maybe they endured the horror of watching an episode of the show.

  • Kym Marsh couldn’t be happier after finding love with James Lomas. Well at least James Lomas has a job even if it is at Hollyoaks……..more than Jack Ryder had.

  • Corrie has been forced to reshoot some scenes because of an offensive t-shirt worn by a character…maybe they should re-film all the scenes based on the fact that 90% are crap.

  • Kate Price’s sister isn’t joining Hollyoaks – no shock there. Even Hollyoaks has standards.

  • Hollyoaks, Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars attended the Inside Soap Awards Party earlier in the week but Doctors and EastEnders cast members were absent…nice to see the BBC soaps have a touch of class.

  • Sticking with that theme and several of those in attendance at the party wore interesting costumes. Watch out for a Word on the Web special on the party which will be uploaded soon.

  • And amazing Friday File favourite Roxanne Pallet has managed to keep her mouth shut for a week…if only she could manage to keep her..


Doctors Orders Is Just The Job For John Mcardle

Actor John Mcardle is to guest-star in BBC One’s daytime soap, Doctors.

Mcardle said of his stint: “I’ve not worked on Doctors before, but it’s something I’ve watched over the years and I just think its got better and better. I’ve friends who’ve worked on the show and it was something I wanted to do so I’m pleased I’ve now been able to. The crew are lovely and it was a great atmosphere on set which always helps when you are a guest star on a programme.”

“I play Les Robson, editor of a local newspaper, and he is a real firebrand and quite a bully! I find him quite amusing but obviously those who work for him in the story don’t! When I read the role I decided I’d really like to play the part because it gave me a chance to do something different and play against the type of roles I usually play.”

John will be no doubt most fondly remembered for his role in Brookside as Billy Corkhill between 1985 and 1990.


Quote Box

“Roxanne Pallet, Helen Flanagan, Kym Ryder, loads of people from Hollyoaks. It just doesn’t feel like there’s anybody with integrity there.”

Digital Spy forum member Glow_worm on the Inside Soap party. Someone else who shares our opinions its always nice to know we aren’t the only ones.


And Finally..

Rumours in the press claim half the cast of Emmerdale want to leave…..for once the audience is in complete agreement with the actors.

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