Welcome to the second and final special edition of The Friday File. For two weeks only the reigns have been handed over to me, Doug Lambert, while Ian prepares to launch a new season in August. So those pesky soap stars might have sighed a breath of relief but alas it was too soon because the Friday File hasn’t gone away just yet.


Re-Edit for ‘Enders

EastEnders producers have had to re-edit what is sure to be one of the show’s most moving death scenes – to make it look more realistic.

Since 1994 Alsatian Wellard has been a regular in the square, he was first seen as a stray who was taken in by the long gone Robbie Jackson. However its the end of a doggy era next month when the popular pooch bids farewell.

Current owner, Robbie’s sister, Bianca has Wellard put to sleep after the health of the dog deteriorates. The problem for the producers arised however when the dog could still be seen breathing after being given a lethal injection on the show.

A BBC insider told The Sun: “Yes, it does look a bit suspect. We will have to do a quick re-edit.”


ATV Feature: The Antony Cotton Acting Watch

Have you still not spotted Antony Cotton actually acting yet?

No? Ah well, if miracle does occur and you do spot him acting don’t forget to email us!

< Remember hugging a cushion does not count as acting.


Top Trash Newspaper Stories:

  • Ryan Thomas has revealed that he is growing back his chest hair to please Coronation Street fans. How about popping up and giving the script writers a kick up the backside while you’re on. That may please fans more ‘chuck’.

  • The EastEnders cast are reportedly banned from starring in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. However, Emma Barton – who plays the soon to leave Honey Mitchell – is apparently in talks to appear in the next series. I can’t wait, can you?

  • Angela Griffin has fondly recalled her five-year stint on Coronation Street. Next week she fondly recalls her first pork pie.

  • Hollyoaks’ Emma Rigby has informed the world, well those who care to read the rags, that she is not a WAG, despite going out with Doncaster Rovers footballer Matthew Mills. No, to be a wag you have to have no talent, a bad tan, awful voice and its helpful to be a bit dim. Then you get your own ITV2 series.

  • Digital Spy tell us that “Nikki Sanderson has spoken out about her new role as barmaid Dawn Bellamy in Heartbeat.” Thats nice, has she learned to act convincingly? Thats the only thing I want to know. I’m not convinced filling up dramas with pretty poor soap stars is the way forward, just look at how awful The Bill has become because of it. Its like a retirement home for failed television actors.


Former Hollyoaks actress becomes a Horror

Hannah Tointon – who played Katy Fox in the Channel 4 teen soap – has landed a role in a horror movie entitled The Day.

“It’s quite gruesome and I get covered in buckets of blood,” she told The Sun. “I might be too squeamish to even watch it!”

The movie will screened from November 2008. When I first heard the actress had moved into horror I thought she must have signed up to ITV Drama.


Quote Box

“It’s all been kept very hush-hush, but it’s a good deal.”

An insider told The Sun newspaper on the possible news that current EastEnders actor Bobby Davro is to appear on ITV reality series, I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Well its not very hush-hush now you’ve leaked it, is it insider?


And Finally..

Sean Tully was sacked from the knicker factory, lots of pouting and huffing. Sean gets re-employed by the factory. Yawn. Like we expected any other outcome. How long are these pointless filler stories going to run for in Coronation Street? If you can’t fill the episodes with decent plots maybe its time to go back to three times a week.. and ITV has more chance of a hit drama than that happening…

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