Katie, EmmerdaleSammy Winward has hinted one time popular Emmerdale couple Katie Macey and Andy Sugden could romantically reunite.

Discussing her characters love life she noted,

“There isn’t anyone, she’s been out with them all! All the ones left are not very nice men.”

The 27-year-old actress spoke to Take It Easy magazine about the future of Katie’s love life. The character is currently married to rich lord of the manor Declan, however the relationship is fast falling apart – not that he knows it yet.

“She’s quite savvy – because she has been married for less than a year, she knows she won’t get half his money. And I think she is wondering if she can maybe keep the marriage going for a bit longer.”

However the coupling of Katie and Andy – played by Kelvin Fletcher – proved popular with many fans of Emmerdale, who were sad to see the relationship fail. Could the two reunite?

“Who knows. She always ends up going back there [to Andy’s house].”

Next week Katie reveals she knows about Declan’s affair, she has been confiding in Andy since January. The character first appeared in 2001, as Andy’s  first love interest.

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