A runaway success for ITC in the 1960s, Danger Man originally started as a half hour series before hitting its stride with a transition to the fifty-minute format.

This set contains all 47 fifty-minute shows including the final two in a colour format. The show would lead onto another classic ATV funded drama, The Prisoner.

Danger Man features intriguing stories from top writers such as Ralph Smart, Donald Jonson, Philip Broadley and Tony Williamson, complemented by direction from stalwarts of the filmed action series genre such as Charles Crichton, Michael Truman, Peter Yates, Don Chaffey and even Patrick McGoohan himself. Showcasing all the hallmarks of the very best filmed ITC series, Danger Man features exceptional performances from guest stars such as Ian Hendry, Dawn Addams, Virginia Maskell, Warren Mitchell, Sylvia Syms, Glyn Owen and Donald Houston.


Danger Man charts the exploits of John Drake – an exemplary agent for British Intelligence who is sent into situations too tricky or dangerous for normal spies to undertake. McGoohan’s simmering, compelling erformance catapulted him into movies and other major television dramatisations.

Special Features

There is a feature-length version of the Koroshi, an extensive image gallery accompanied by a suite of Edwin Astley’s incidental music, the Sidney Cole script archive in PDF format containing almost every hour-long Danger Man episode.

Other special bonus material includes the gallery of Somportex chewing gum cards, specially recorded introduction to some episodes by those who were part of the series, various rushes including trailers, commercial break bumpers and various alternative opening sequences. Other PDF material includes a look inside the ATV Danger Man Annuals.

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