Topov, Pig, Tortoise, Octavia the Ostrich and, of course, the irrepressible Hartley Hare spend their time helping out people, usually with unforeseen results!

Due to the success of the initial volume, Network are proud to present another ten episodes from throughout the series run, including the earliest surviving episode from 1973. As well as classic Pipkins the puppets return after 30 years for a brand new episode.

Pipkins starred ATV favourites Johnathan Kydd and Sue Nicholls alongside a host of guest faces – be they human or puppet. Hartley Hare’s voice was that of Nigel Plaskitt.

The series launched in 1973 and 313 episodes were produced before the show was cancelled in 1981 when ATV ceased as a broadcaster on ITV. Unfortunately ATV wiped many episodes once the series ended therefore Network present the best of what footage survives.

Special Features

Included as bonus material there is an interview with writer Sue Pleat as well as a chat with Sue Nicholls who played Mrs Muddle.

From a domestic recording what survives of an edition entitled ‘On The Canal’ and more scripts in PDF format.

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