Pick of the Plots: Thursday 1st July

Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, July 1.

Its Linda’s birthday and she’s surprised to get a present from Max. Wanting to keep a low profile, Linda declines Frankie’s offer of throwing her a party. Later, Linda’s aghast to find that Frankie has thrown her a party anyway. As Jack arrives Mick and Linda have to decide to tell him about Max’s gift and the postmark on the parcel.

Meanwhile, Rainie, Stuart and Bernie head to their insemination appointment and are less than pleased when Vi tags along. Afterwards, Rainie gives Bernie her first instalment, but it’s less than agreed. Tiffany remonstrates with the Highways on Bernie’s behalf.

Elsewhere, Ruby gets more news about her treatment for endometriosis. Phil invites Denise and Raymond to the opening of his new business and is annoyed when Denise rejects the invitation. Later, Kat is stunned when Phil tells her he wants to tell Raymond that he’s his dad.

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Pollard continues to look out for Faith, who faces her fate at the hospital. Brenda confides to David and Meena that she’s feeling neglected by Pollard, and she prepares a romantic surprise for him.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Charles can’t resist each other in the salon. Poor unsuspecting Manpreet walks in, but how will she react?

Elsewhere, Leanna is upset Liam won’t support her dreams of going travelling.

Also, things are getting flirty between Aaron and Ben. However, Ben is stopped in his tracks by a mysterious and unwelcome phone call.

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Fergus tells Grace that he’ll change his statement if she signs over her shares of The Loft. She intends to accept Fergus’s offer, until a sudden idea leads to her inviting him and Warren for lunch.

This is a bid to distract them as Grace uses this time to find some dirt on Fergus. She manages to get her hands on his laptop.

Meanwhile, Cindy covers a shift for Tom at the Bazaar and tension begins to bubble between her and Luke. Mandy scolds Luke about how he’s treating Cindy and tells him about a fake Instagram page that Cindy has set up to keep an eye on Ollie.

Elsewhere, Nana is being supportive of Cleo, Yazz tells Sid that she’ll find him a love match.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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