EyeSpy: Hollyoaks has launched its latest trailer, showcasing some of the biggest storylines in the build up to Christmas…

The promo brings us the ‘Return of Armstrong’. Armstrong has been in prison since the Who Killed Amy trial, but as the festive season approaches, he will make contact with Milo in order to target the Cunninghams. Armstrong previously stalked Cindy and seems to have found out Milo’s darkest secret – that he killed Mr and Mrs Cunningham. Will Milo help Armstrong in order to protect himself?

It also brings us a glimpse of whats to come with Mark Gibbs and Luke Morgan. Luke hasn’t seen his rapist, Mark in 17 years until he spots him in Chester while on a day trip with Mandy. He’s forced to face his demons again when Mark turns up at the Osborne’s, but what has brought Mark to Luke’s door and what does he have planned?

And also while Mac seems to have got away with starting the explosion at Hollyoaks High School, until now… Jack Osborne walks in on Mac as he’s examining the nasty burn he got from the blast, will Jack put two and two together? Ellie tells everyone at The Dog that she’s given Mac an alibi, while James encourages Hunter to get revenge for Neeta and other characters stare menacingly at Mac when he brags that he’s “going nowhere”. Will one of them get justice when the police don’t?

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