Just when Goldie is settling back in the village, her ex-partner Shane Sweeney is arrested for two murders and Adam throws a fire lit brick into the McQueens! 

In tonight’s E4 episode, Goldie (Chelsee Healey) returned to the village after spending time in jail but she is met with some awful news… After being caught out killing DS Thorpe by Glenn in this evenings Channel 4 episode, Ryan is panicking about Thorpe’s body. He questions Glenn but Glenn is only interested in Ryan getting back on the force to steer the cops away from him regarding Trigger’s body.

Ryan had managed to keep the secret that he killed his wife on the night of their wedding under wraps for months however to avoid the truth being revealed DS Thorpe became Ryan Knight’s next victim after he discovered the truth about how Amy Barnes really died. Things came to a head when Ryan refused to hand himself in.

After Kyle revealed to Thorpe that he spent the night with Ryan the night Amy died, which blew Ryan’s alibi apart, Thorpe began trailing through evidence to find a loop hole. Thorpe discovered Amy’s phone and we saw him call Mike Barne’s for more information. Thorpe heads to The Lomaxes to confront Ryan and reveals he knows about his passionate night with Kyle. Ryan admits to lying but when Thorpe mentions he has heard the voicemail Ryan left on Amy’s phone the night she was murdered, he begins to panic.

Emotional and caught out, Ryan admits to what he did but tries to convince his uncle it was all an accident that wasn’t meant to happen but she wouldn’t stop saying he was gay. An angry Thorpe gives Ryan time and offers to drive him later to the station. The journey to the station never occours however when later in the day Ryan strangles Thorpe.

Meanwhile in E4’s ‘first look’ episode Goldie returned to the village and found time to catch up on lost moments with her boys. When Shane came downstairs, Goldie was confused by his new “look” but he tells her it’s for his job at Price Slice – he’s proving to Prince and Hunter he can be a proper father.

Ryan comes up with a plan to set up Shane Sweeney for Trigger’s murder and gets an accomplice to steal Shane’s watch.  Ryan gets to Trigger’s body and plants Shane’s stolen watch inside the body bag. Elsewhere, Shane begins his shift at Price Slice but he and Simone cannot keep their hands off each other and end up in a passionate embrace. The happy pair’s romance soon comes to a halt when police cars arrive in the village and DS Roxy storms into Price Slice and arrests Shane for the murder of Eugine Goldstein (Trigger).

As Glenn smugly watches on, Adam is confused as to what his father has done. DS Roxy demands to see inside the Price Slice van and is left devastated and angry when she discovers DS Thorpe’s body in the back of the van!

Leela gets the news that Tegan is coming out of his coma whilst Simone tells Goldie and the McQueen’s about Shane’s arrest. Jesse is there to comfort Goldie and they end up kissing and falling asleep together, as Courtney is left stood up at The Hutch. Adam waits until it’s dark and makes his way to the McQueens. He light’s fire to a brick and throws it through the bedroom window but he has no idea that Goldie and Jesse are inside. Will Adam realise he’s put his brother in danger before it’s too late or are Prince and Hunter about to lose their mother and father in one day?

Hollyoaks, weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and a ‘first look’ over on E4 of the following episode at 7pm.
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