This week Hollyoaks airs a sixty minute special on Channel 4.

“Well, there is so much happening in this episode. Everyone better hang onto their hats! Simone is devastated. Her and Louis continue to have this deep connection despite everything, so she can’t really believe that he’s marrying another woman. Enough is enough, there have been too many lies, and she could never trust him again!” – Jacqueline Boatswain, who plays Simone Loveday

In hindsight, it may have been a risky idea for Louis to get married to Leela whilst having a secret affair with ex-wife Simone, and having just got secretly married, and annulled, to Simone’s sister Martine. All of the secrets are soon to be revealed when all of his women turn up on his big day, with one of them stepping up and stopping the wedding… but which one? It’s fair to say there will be a lot of tears, fights and grovelling.

“It is going to be a thrilling and emotional ride. Martine is gutted and feels cheated, almost like her marriage to Louis was a complete joke. However, she is determined to hold it together, so that nobody else is aware of her pain.” – Kelle Bryan, who plays Martine Deveraux

Jonny has been Ste’s guardian angel over the past few weeks, offering him a job over Christmas, helping him get out of trouble and generally being there for him. However, Ste thinks this is the start of a budding festive romance as he launches a kiss on him, only to be rejected and pushed away. Jonny keeps his distance, but there is a reason to his disgust…

“It’s a Hollyoaks wedding, no one does them better and it’s also Leela’s third attempt at tying the knot! With the drama escalating and the truth so close to coming out about Louis’ secrets, it’s bound to be a drama filled, emotional event!” – Kirsty Leigh-Porter, who plays Leela Lomax

After a turbulent and chaotic Christmas, Mercedes is clearly after more trouble when she turned up at The Loft on Christmas day to seduce bad boy Liam. It seems the romance continues to blossom in to the new year…

“Well, well, well… It’s definitely going to be full of Hollyoaks style Christmas cheer… ish! Louis is over the excitement and spontaneity of Martine and manages to get her to divorce him! With the Wedding ready to go ahead, he is still pining after Simone and spends his last night cuddled up with her in Price Slice. He breaks Simone’s heart the next day, when he tells her he still intends to marry Leela. He insists it is out of duty. With Zack spotting his mum and dad in an embrace, he convinces Simone to go to the wedding and put a stop to it, but although deep down, Louis loves Simone, he has to go ahead with it!” – Karl Collins, who plays Louis Loveday

Hollyoaks Hour Long Special airs on Channel 4 on Friday 28th December at 6pm. The wedding episode will first air on E4 at 7pm on Thursday 27th December.

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