The latest goings on in River City, Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks and Doctors.

SoapWeek: River City

Caitlin is determined not to let anything ruin the grand reopening of the Tall Ship. Meanwhile, Scarlett searches for a driving instructor, and April Fools’ Day threatens BoGus.

River City, Monday at 10pm on BBC Scotland, repeated Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One Scotland.

SoapWeek: Corrie

Wayne tells Carla he has completed his structural report and would like to ask her a few more questions. Carla struggles to hide her panic. Meanwhile, Imran is unimpressed when he overhears Peter urging Roy to ask Wayne to go easy on Carla. At the police station Carla sticks to her story and insists she was unaware of any structural problems, but when Kate leaps to her defence to Imran, the guilt starts to get to her. 

Later, at Rana’s memorial, Robert points the finger, demanding Carla tells the truth. Carla admits to the stunned crowd that she was aware of a problem with the roof but had no idea it would collapse. How will the mourners react?

Meanwhile, Sally fusses round Tim, insisting that from now on it’s healthy eating all the way, though Tim has other ideas. Thanking Gina for her part in saving Tim’s life, Sally asks a shocked Gina not to leave.

Elsewhere, when Sean complains that the barbers’ shaving products have brought him out in a rash, Sinead comes up with some homemade beard oil using organic ingredients. Summer urges Billy to make up with Paul. Chesney’s honoured to be asked to be Bertie’s godfather, and later Chesney is horrified when a trail of blood leads to a bound and gagged Gemma in the yard. He calls the police.

Coronation Street, Monday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

SoapWeek: EastEnders

With Keanu keeping a close eye on Louise at Phil’s request, an oblivious Sharon fumes that Phil hasn’t taken her concerns about Keanu seriously. When Kathy sees Phil with Danny, who demands his money by the end of the day, Phil tells her to keep her nose out of his business. Phil enlists Keanu and Billy’s help with the money laundering but it’s not long before Billy is rumbled by Mel, who makes Phil a surprising offer. A desperate Phil piles the pressure on Keanu but is interrupted when Kathy calls urging him to come home. There, Phil is stunned to find Ben with Lexi and Lola.

Meanwhile, it’s the day of Ruby’s trial and she admits to Stacey she regrets spiking Ross’s drink and fears he will use it against her but Stacey is quick to reassure her. Later, Ruby arrives in court and is thrilled to see Jay has come to support her. Encouraged by Jay’s kind words, Ruby makes a big decision.

Elsewhere, Tiffany is struggling after recent events and visits Jack, asking him to get a letter to Evie. Jean gets into a panic after attending an appointment at the hospital alone. Honey wants to discuss Will’s school with Billy and later when Billy tells Jay about Adam and Habiba’s kiss, Jay tells him to stay out of it.

EastEnders, Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

SoapWeek: Emmerdale

Kim pushes Graham too far and he heads to the police station with news of a sighting of Joe. Meanwhile, despite Moira suggesting Cain go through with Kim’s indecent proposal or risk losing the farm, Cain spurs Kim’s advances.

In the Woolpack, a jealous Dan flies off the handle at a friend of Liam’s when Kerry flirts with him. An unhappy Kerry has one too many and forgets she promised Amy she’d be there when she told Kyle that she’s his real mum.

Emmerdale, Monday at 7pm on ITV, STV and UTV.

SoapWeek: Hollyoaks

Laurie and Sienna are getting the school kids on the bus for the camping trip. Once they get to the site, Sienna discovers her tent is ripped, and Laurie offers her his tent. Whilst Sienna’s on the phone with Brody, Laurie pretends Charlie spilt water on him. Fearing Laurie will freeze, she offers to sleep outside instead. However, Laurie suggests they share a tent, and Sienna feels she should go along with it.

Meanwhile, it’s clear Liberty is jealous at the thought of Sami’s ex Sinead coming for dinner. At dinner, Sinead is upset when Brody manages to speak to Sienna, while Laurie refuses to answer his phone. Liberty asks Sami how much he likes her on a scale of one to ten, with ten being marriage. Sami says ten and Liberty assumes they’re engaged. Later, a panicked Sami is comforting Sinead and, still reeling from Laurie’s betrayal, she launches a kiss on him.

Elsewhere, Damon and Maxine tell Minnie the good news that Damon is moving in with them. He gives her a toy parrot, with an accidental funny voice recording of him and Brody on it.

Hollyoaks, Monday at 6.30pm on Channel 4 and a ‘first look’ at 7pm on E4.

Doctors Pick of the Plots logo

It’s the day of the court hearing concerning Mikey Taylor-Wood.

Waddington, the solicitor representing social worker Sofia, puts their case for removal from the parents. However, Jadie and Beth’s legal representative insists that it has all been a big misunderstanding.

Sofia gives evidence, and Morris gets to her, focusing on Mikey’s general proneness to bruises. Later, Al gives evidence, on why he referred the case in the first place. Waddington manages to get out of him that Beth threatened him. Although unsure her involvement is wise, Emma gives evidence, and says, from an inexpert point of view, it’s quite possible that Mikey has dyspraxia.

Waddington goes for Emma, bringing up the Baby Nicholas case, which annoys Emma. Karen is later given the chance to speak and does so in defence of Mikey’s mums. Further admissions are made to the court as the case goes on, before the judge speaks…

Doctors, Monday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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