Drivetime presenter topped the poll as new research shows power of radio.

Today marks UNESCO World Radio Day which celebrates the power of radio and new researched released has shown what a vital medium radio here is in the UK.

Research conducted by digital radio brand Pure has revealed that 47% of Brits put on the radio to keep them from feeling lonely. 25% of those asked said they tuned to a particular radio station for familiarity when feeling lonely and more than a third put the radio on as background noise.

“Loneliness affects people in different ways, and there are various ways people try to counter it, including listening to a familiar voice on the radio or TV. From a psychological point of view, having access to new music, discussions around the news or interviews at the touch of a button is an important way of dealing with loneliness.” – Dr. Becky Spelman, Behavioural Psychologist.

The research has also revealed who the nation’s favourite radio presenter is. Radio 2 Drivetime presenter Sara Cox topped the poll.

Top ten favourite radio presenters:

  1. Sara Cox

  2. Jeremy Vine and Zoe Ball (tying for second!)

  3. Chris Evans

  4. Roman Kemp

  5. Nicky Campbell

  6. Chris Moyles

  7. Eamonn Holmes

  8. Nick Ferrari, Julia Hartley-Brewer and Gregg James – all for eighth!

  9. Emma Barnett

  10. Justin Webb

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