Communication network pulls together to build resilience in light of COVID-19

Some of the UK’s leading communications professionals attended a virtual meeting today (19 March 2020) to share advice and ideas around the economic and business implications of Coronavirus.

“As with any personal or professional community, there is a lot we can do together if we share and respond as one. The sector needs to support itself at a time where advertising spend is – understandably – being cut and our own clients are suffering.” – Stephen Knight, Pimento founder and CEO

As the UK clamours to adapt to the shifting commercial landscape, and with non-essential contact guidance issued by the UK government, virtual network marketing agency, Pimento, brought together 75 of its agencies with professional services of communication consultants – including HR, finance, legal, debt management and business consultants – for an hour-long video conference.

Prior to the video call, Pimento polled its network of 5,500 media professionals to understand how the industry was adapting – as well as its fears. While most were no strangers to working from home, there was a sense of trepidation around the unknown.

Addressing the issues raised, Clarion, Reality HR, Redfin, Paul Woolley Consulting, Escalate, Premier Recruitment and Pimento People each spoke to the viewers, before answering a Q&A which covered several areas of concern.

“As teams switch their focus to PR,  more direct comms, webinars, marketing automation and a strong push on social media in order to maintain that place at the table, we wanted to ensure Pimento members supported each other through these unprecedented times” – Stephen Knight, Pimento founder and CEO

Following the success of the webinar, Pimento will host weekly workshops every Wednesday morning at 11am, with up to five advisers speaking during each.

Pimento was set up as a virtual agency network some 16 years ago. We have no offices and have used technology from day one to manage our business, so we wanted to use our wealth of experience – as well as our network of advisors – to support those making this transition for the first time.” – Stephen Knight, Pimento founder and CEO

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  1. The BBC tell people white about using a Storyline from Seventies series Survivors over where the Coronavirus came from when all the do is spread worrying lies about on the BBC news channel this matter has since passed to Ofcom they will take further action against the BBC as the perpose of the BBC news channel is to give people the real news not tell people a load of bullshit that scares and worries viewers so the matter will be handed onto the Regulator as the BBC are too stupid to do the right thing as Lew Grade would have been furious if he’d been around now!

  2. So Seventies series Survivors 1975 becomes reality as the killer Pandamic virus sends the World into shutdown! So how many Greg Preston’s are there to lead people if this Coronavirus mutates into a killer Plague as what happened in Survivors as this isn’t a TV series anymore its really happened! Terry Nation Warned me in the Eighties he said one day Survivors could become Reality I’ll probably be dead and gone but God help us if did does happen! Could you you live in a Survivors style world no TV, broadband, phones, Electricity or Gas and things would simply be Hell! Its not a dream its happening so Britain welcome to Survivors for Real!

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