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Zara walks in to work to see an ill Tash assuring Emma that she’s fine. This is good enough for Zara however Zara’s stress is added to when Karen dumps a load of nursing applications on her. Tash is eventually sent home and Zara vows to get onto the agency. She persuades Al to take on the nursing patients. Later, Daniel finds Zara on the verge of an anxiety attack, but she refuses to leave work. At home he catches Joe using Harper to do his homework and bans him from using it. Later, Joe sneaks downstairs and throws Harper out of the window.

Meanwhile, Karen gets a call to say that Jay is being moved to a new foster placement. Rob finds Jay upset, he admits that he misses his mum but not his dad who didn’t care about him. Rob gets him out of the house and they play football together in the park. Later, Rob tells Karen he’s planned a surprise for their last night with Jay.

Elsewhere, Lily spots a personal envelope for Jimmi in the post piquing Karen’s curiosity. Jimmi reveals it’s a card from a patient as it’s his birthday soon. Al is grateful when Lily mentions this to him as he’d forgotten. Al finds Jimmi at the end of the day and tells him he’s planned a night out for his birthday, Jimmi’s impressed he remembered and then phones Daniel, revealing he wants to start an ex-prisoner’s counselling clinic which Daniel agrees to.

Doctors, Thursday at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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