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EastEnders to see reduction in episode length


EastEnders to see reduction in episode length

The BBC soap will be going back to four episodes a week later this year but they will be shorter than normal.

Unlike its commercial counterparts, which run for no more than 24 minutes to accommodate advert breaks, EastEnders usually fills a full half-hour slot, however the Beeb have confirmed that that will no longer be the case when the show returns to BBC One later year.

The show will be limited to 20-minute slots as it gets back on its feet after an enforced production hiatus.

“Resuming production is incredibly exciting and challenging in equal measure. Since we postponed filming, we’ve been working non-stop trialling techniques, filming methods and new ways of working so that we can return to screens four times a week – as EastEnders should be. Filming will inevitably be a more complex process now, so creating 20-minute episodes will enable us to ensure that when we return, EastEnders will still be the show the audience know and love.” – Jon Sen, Executive Producer, EastEnders

EastEnders will be returning to filming at the end of June 2020. The production was temporarily halted on March 18th due to the Coronavirus situation across the country, and the soap has since been airing only twice a week.

BBC One will run out of EastEnders episodes next week and it is not yet known when the show will return to the channel, which is planning to air a series of behind the scenes specials and reruns of classic episodes in its place.

EastEnders boss Jon Sen has confirmed that episodes will be shorter.

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