Since the first soap aired in the UK back in the 1950s, audiences have been hooked. However for actors starting in a serial has lead to big screen adventures.

Soap operas, named due to the original stateside versions being sponsored by sud products, have become some of the most watched programmes on UK television over the years. The BBC kicked things off on the radio with shows such as The Archers and along the way came TV hits such as The Grove Family, Compact, The Newcomers and Angels on the beeb.

Over on ITV it was Sixpenny Corner and Emergency Ward 10 that lured in the lovers of soapy drama. These were swiftly followed by big ratings bankers such as Coronation Street, Crossroads and Honey Lane in the sixties and popular additions to the schedules such as Emmerdale Farm, General Hospital and Marked Personal in the 70s.

The 1980s saw us get involved in the lives of those on Brookside, Albion Market and EastEnders. However, since the late 1980s, the soap landscape in the UK has been dominated by the ‘big three’ – Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale. What’s more, over 80% of Brits watch these traditional shows for more than three hours per day.

With that in mind, tombola has analysed the UK – and Australia’s – most famous soaps and the most recognisable faces to star in each to reveal which soap could be more likely to help stars win a BAFTA, Oscar and even help them make it in Hollywood.

The findings may be, in some instances, quite surprising. The impression by the press of Hollyoaks is one of ‘Dollyoaks’ – pretty people walking round in little clothing not really needing to act. This couldn’t be further from the truth; and the findings also blow away that impression as Hollyoaks actors are most likely to win a BAFTA after soap. Rachel Shenton, who played Mitzee Minniver, is the only soap actor to receive a nomination and go on to win the award.

The findings also discovered that Coronation Street actors are least likely to make it in Hollywood – Corrie performers have starred in the least amount of Hollywood films after departing Weatherfield. For UK actors those who appeared in EastEnders are the most likely to go on to have success in Hollywood.

Rank UK Actor UKSoap Hollywood Films
1 Robert Kazinsky EastEnders 6
2 Ben Hardy EastEnders 5
2 Nathalie Emmanuel Hollyoaks 5
3 June Brown EastEnders 3
3 Craig Fairbrass EastEnders 3
3 Emma Rigby Hollyoaks 3

For the Aussie offerings it is confirmed that Home and Away Produces the most Hollywood stars while Neighbours actors are the most likely to receive BAFTA and Oscar Nominations – Margot Robbie is the only former Neighbours actor to receive a BAFTA nomination. Chris Hemsworth, is the only other actor to receive a BAFTA nomination.

Rank Actor Soap Hollywood Films
1 Chris Hemsworth Home & Away 23
2 Guy Pearce Neighbours 21
3 Isla Fisher Home & Away 20
4 Margot Robbie Neighbours 13
4 Liam Hemsworth Neighbours 13
5 Alan Dale Neighbours 11
6 Melissa George Home & Away 10
7 Ryan Kwanten Home & Away 8
8 Isabel Lucas Home & Away 7
8 Julian McMahon Home & Away 7
9 Steve Peacocke Home & Away 4
9 Samara Weaving Home & Away 4
10 Christopher Egan Home & Away 3
10 Sharni Vinson Home & Away 3
10 Kylie Minogue Neighbours 3

More details can be found over at Tombola.

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