Janet Street-Porter shares health update

Janet appeared on Loose Women today to give an update on her health following an operation last Wednesday.

Appearing on the show virtually, Janet explained what happened after a “little dot” on her nose caused concern.

“I had a little dot on my nose that I thought was an insect bite. A dermatologist referred me to a surgeon who said it was a basal cell carcinoma, which is a form of skin cancer. So last Wednesday I went and they anaesthetised my nose… basically it’s the kind of surgery where they slice away just the top part of your skin and then they go and analyse it, so they’re only removing the bare minimum of the cells. It takes a couple of hours and then they stitch it back up.”

Janet continued: “The surgeon said to me he’s very confident that in a few months you won’t see the scar at all. And tomorrow I’m going to have the stitches out so next week, presumably, I’ll look a little bit different. At the end of the day, it’s just a scar, and I’ve still got a nose and a face and everything else and I’m feeling very positive about it.”

Advising others to be vigilant to skin changes, Janet said: “Do look at the little blemishes on your skin and especially moles, if they change size or shape or anything… which I always did. I was always careful. I always put factor 50 on my face.”

“Since I mentioned it on Loose Women last week, hundreds of you have got in touch to say you’ve had the same procedure or you’re waiting for it. It’s nothing to be scared about, just get it done!” 

However Janet admitted that she had been “in a state” about the procedure prior to getting it done.

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