Blast from the past for Corrie’s Nick

Life’s about to get a lot more complicated for Coronation Street’s Nick Tilsley.

A chance encounter at the hospital with ex girlfriend Natasha Blakeman will place extra strain on Nick (Ben Price) and Leanne’s (Jane Danson) already fragile relationship.

Actress Rachel Leskovac returned to set this week, ten years after Natasha rode out of Weatherfield in a black cab with Nick watching on. But what, exactly, does her return mean for Nick and Leanne?

The couple are struggling with Oliver’s devastating diagnosis with Nick at a loss over how best to help his partner. As Oliver’s stepdad he will start to feel increasingly sidelined as Leanne and Steve make all the decisions. On a visit to the hospital in the early autumn Nick is surprised to see Natasha, and the pair catch up on the news of the past decade, but Nick is reluctant to tell Leanne about the chance meeting.

“I am very excited and proud to be welcomed back to Coronation Street, especially as so many old friends are still there. It’s always great to be able to return to a character to explore a whole new path for them.” – Rachel Leskovac

Leskovac previously played the role of Natasha between 2008-2010. The character came to Weatherfield to work in Audrey’s salon. She set her sights on Tony Gordon who dumped her over her jealous streak.

Natasha started a relationship with Nick in 2010, but he later chose to end things between them, remaining firm in his decision even after finding out that Natasha was pregnant to him.

Natasha had an abortion, but when Nick wanted them to reunite, having come round to the idea of fatherhood, she was left regretting it.

They got back together, with Natasha intending to get pregnant before Nick found out the truth. A suspicious Gail put a spanner in the works and after attempting to take her own life, Natasha left the street in the back of a cab.

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