Gary Lucy, Ruby O’Donnell, Rishi Nair, Jorgie Porter and Jeremy Edwards head to the kitchen

To celebrate 25 years of the soap, five Hollyoaks cast members are getting together for a communal nosh in Come Dine With Me. They will, over the course of a week, take it in turns to host their own dinner party with their guests rating their efforts out of 10, a grand will go to the winner’s chosen charity.

They’ll be dusting off the tableware and cooking up three delicious courses whilst hosting memorable dinner party entertainment in the hope of scooping the charity cash. – E4

Fans of Hollyoaks can tune in to see Gary, who plays Luke Morgan, wing his way through an American Diner inspired party, whilst Jorgie – who has recently re-joined the cast as Theresa McQueen – will transport us back to the 90s for her Hip-Hop night, serving sass and her posh version of beans on toast.

Ruby who appears as Peri Lomax will jet us off to Ireland for the traditional Irish pub experience and Rishi, who plays Sami Maalik, will dish up drama and dinner on the set of Hollyoaks.

On the final night, it will be hosted by the man who started it all – Jeremy Edwards who played original Hollyoaks heartthrob Kurt Benson and is set to return to the soap this month. He’ll be rounding off the week with his 25th Anniversary celebration.

Whose food will get the big thumbs down and who will bag the £1,000 for charity? Find out when Hollyoaks does Celebrity Come Dine With Me arrives on E4 from the 19th October. – E4

Gary Lucy, Ruby O’Donnell, Rishi Nair, Jorgie Porter and Jeremy Edwards will entertain each other with fine food and entertainment to mark two and a half decades of the serial.

The five episodes air at 7.30pm on E4 from the 19th October.

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