Showbiz 10: ‘I would not have touched her like some mannequin…’

Midweek highlights from Gemma Collins, Piers Morgan and our regular showbiz starlet Katie Price.


I use the word diva loosely here as we’re talking ‘the GC’, but the self-confessed diva is a bit more divvy this week after no one in her entourage of easily pleased spotted on her latest bit of fashion tat it had a simple spelling mistake.

Gemma Collins released a jumper that should have read “Sorry, I don’t queue Hun” but instead it states Sorry I don’t que Hun.

It wasn’t the only gaffe on the site. Digital Spy also discovered that the ‘description box for the product also lists the jumper as ‘Sorry I Don’t Que Hun Hoodie’ despite it being listed in the jumper category and having no hood.’ I doubt GC fans will notice TBH babe.


This week, once again, former This Morning lead host John Leslie was found not guilty of sexual assault. Surely that should be the end of it, no more accusations or it starts to make a mockery of the whole thing. Along with Leslie Jimmy Tarbuck and Cliff Richard were falsely accused of potentially career-ending sexual abuse.

How long before we have to start questioning how many victims did Jimmy Savile really have, and how many are out for a quick way to money? It’s been clear that Leslie had a bit of a reputation for enjoying the company of the opposite sex, but trashed by the tabloids and turned into something he clearly isn’t, has lead to the doors open to rediculous accusations like the one just heard at Southwark Crown Court.

The jury returned a not guilty verdict after 23 minutes of deliberations, following the week-long trial. His former co-presenters Anthea Turner from Blue Peter and Fern Britton from This Morning were his character witnesses in the trial.

“I would not have touched her like some mannequin and walked off,” John said in defence of the accusation he grabbed a woman’s breasts full on at a Christmas Party over a decade ago.


Best friend to Gordon ‘T’ Gopher telly’s most recent gay, Phillip Schofield is still apparently trying to figure out who he is. Which is handy as his autobiography is out at the moment so such confusion can only create stories – like this one – and help plug his sorry tale of confusion.

You love a bit of cock Phil, you told us all in January, it doesn’t matter whether you’re giving it or taking it and frankly no one should really care.

Anyway, Phillip told a podcast hosted by Fearne Cotton he is yet to ‘work it all out in his head’. Well, let’s hope it happens soon or there may be several books yet to come.


Staying with ITV and Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has been criticised after sharing pictures of his untidy sitting room.

Social media followers pointed out his unorganised living room with the coffee table packed with books and half-empty bottles. They also observed wires messily dangling behind the television.

Piers is living a happy life while others are seemingly endlessly cleaning their tidy houses.


Strictly Come Dancing’s JJ Chalmers and Amy Dowden have spoken how their health battles have helped them form a unique bond since being teamed up together on the show.

“We totally understand each other in so many different ways.. The producers walked in the other day and we were talking about where we have our drips put in at the hospital. I think we’ve both overcome a lot and (are) quite determined characters to both be where we are on Strictly Come Dancing today.” – Amy Dowden speaking on The One Show

“Whenever I hear Amy speaking about what she’s had to put up with, about how she’s driven forward to just become the best at what she does, that’s entirely what I want to do with my life.” JJ Chalmers added.


Actress and singer Billie Piper has branded her marriage to Virgin Radio DJ Chris Evans as “reckless”. She compared their relationship to someone’s university years. After six months of dating 18-year-old Piper married 35-year-old Radio 1 morning host Evans in 2001.

Speaking to Doctor Who co-star David Tennant on his podcast she said their time together had been ‘really amazing’

‘I imagine it’s what your uni years feel like. Sort of reckless, but you’re learning a lot.’ Unlike uni students currently, that just seem to ignore what advice they’ve been given, and then winge about being restricted because of their foolhardy behaviour. Get a f**king grip.


Gary Lineker, the face of BBC Sport, and probably a few other parts of the body as well, I’m not thinking arse, so don’t even try to suggest it. Really, well anyway.. This week the arse of BBC sport or face or both, made an arse of himself when he went shopping without wearing a facemask.

He then insulted the age group who keep the BBC open by paying their telly tax for little in return – the over 60s – by suggesting his gaffe was due to old age.


Top Gear regular Freddie Flintoff revealed he urgently sought help from a doctor after losing feeling in his willy during a charity bike ride. While on the cycle route from Greece to London the former cricketer admitted feeling numb where it matters.

Recalling the incident in his autobiography he said the situation, three days into the event, left his cock flopping there ‘like a dead fish’. Apparently its a common side-effect of regular cycling.


Katie Price, despite owing a small fortune to creditors has once more been flashing her cash this week.

The Sun reported how the former ITV2 regular has had ‘£3,000 hair treatment after stress over her bankruptcy left her with a huge bald patch.’

The tabloid also note how the ‘mother-of-five won’t be discharged from her bankruptcy until November, and until then she is supposed to pay any money that she makes from either selling her belongings or paid work to the creditors’. Whoops…

In other Price news she’ll this week be divorced from Kieran Hayler leaving a clear way for a union with Carl Woods.


This week we’ve said farewell to Spencer Davis, lead of the Spencer Davis Group who died on Monday aged 81, best known for the songs “Gimme Some Lovin’,” “Keep on Running,” and “I’m a Man”. We also said goodbye to Tony Lewis lead singer with the band The Outfield aged 62.

Doreen Montalvo, who appeared in the Broadway production of Mrs Doubtfire, died aged 56 after suffering from a severe stroke and former King Crimson bassist and vocalist Gordon Haskell died aged 74.

This week also saw the death of James Redford, son of Robert Redford, aged 58.

This opinion piece is written by Vivian Summers, her views are hers alone and are not endorsed by ATV Today or ATV News.
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