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Hollyoaks serial killer Silas is back for soap’s 25th anniversary


Hollyoaks serial killer Silas is back for soap’s 25th anniversary

The McQueen family, Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe), Theresa (Jorgie Porter), Goldie (Chelsee Healey) John Paul (James Sutton), Sylver (David Tag), Nana (Diane Langton) and Cher (Bethannie Hare), have recently been watched and blackmailed for their deadliest sins by a creepy doll in a new storyline which has seen the family in serious danger. Most recently, resulting in Sylver’s arrest for murdering his mother, Breda McQueen.

During tonight’s E4 episode, the identity of the blackmailer was finally uncovered as Silas Blissett, but the McQueen family are still in the dark as to who it could be. Silas is a serial killer who preys on the promiscuous women of Hollyoaks, and arguably, the most dangerous killer to have ever roamed the village.

“I am thrilled to be returning to be a part of Hollyoaks’ 25th anniversary – I think Silas has had a big following over the last ten years, and even when Silas has not been onscreen, we always know he’s out there somewhere…”  Jeff Rawle

Over the years, Silas has had a very rocky relationship with the McQueen family, particularly Mercedes. His decade long twisted entanglement with her started in 2011, when she was engaged to his grandson, Riley Costello but was also having an affair with Riley’s dad, Carl.

This led to him kidnapping her whilst she was heavily pregnant after the revelation about her affair with Carl. He was arrested for other murders before he could finish the job, but that didn’t stop him as he escaped prison to finish what he started. He teamed up with fellow serial killer, ‘The Gloved Hand killer’, Lindsey Butterfield, as they planned to get rid of Mercedes once and for all. This resulted in Silas getting talked out of it by Mercedes, and him killing Lindsey instead. He then fled the village and has not been back since.

However, something that could put a spanner in Silas’ plan this time round is Mercedes’ announcement in tonight’s episode that she’s pregnant. Could Mercedes being with child stop him from causing her harm?

One of the most shocking kills of Silas, which went down in soap history, was on Halloween in 2011, when Silas accidently murdered his own daughter, who was wearing a cat woman suit, just like his target, Lynsey Nolan. He has murdered 6 women in total and has attempted to murder a further 6. The McQueens are up against a calculated, clever, and undefeated murderer, who will come out on top?

“Silas has unfinished business with Mercedes – she is ‘The Queen’ of the McQueens, the most elusive piece on his chessboard. Mercedes’ son, Bobby is Silas’s great-grandson. It has long been a cause of dark disquiet with Silas and the time has come to put things right.” – Jeff Rawle

Hollyoaks celebrates 25 years all this week on Ch4 and E4.

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