The memory of the veterans and civilians of WWII live on through personal stories

With Remembrance Sunday on the horizon, Britain is set to come together to commemorate the incredible efforts of the men and women who endured the unthinkable amidst world wars and incredible conflict.

“One thing that few of us consider is the power within the lessons and experiences that we can take from our own personal stories, as everyone has a tale to tell. At StoryTerrace, we want everyone to have the chance to tell their story, and share the lessons and experiences that have shaped their lives.” – Rutger Bruining, CEO and Founder of StoryTerrace

The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and the close of one of the bloodiest and most culturally significant chapters in human history. As a result, the number of survivors, both military and civilian who lived through the war, is dwindling every day.

Now, with the Coronavirus muting this year’s Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day celebrations, it is arguably more important than ever to speak with those who lived through the war, to enable them to tell their story and ensure that their legacy lives on.

“As this year’s Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day celebrations move closer, StoryTerrace is committed to sharing the amazing life stories of people who lived through the conflict, as documented by our professional writers. It is our hope that more and more people begin to understand the importance of sharing our own stories in an authentic way, to bring us closer to those around us and cement our legacies.” – Rutger Bruining, CEO and Founder of StoryTerrace

In an effort to record the memories and experiences of some of Britain’s few remaining WWII survivors, biography writing service StoryTerrace is turning their attention to some of the incredible life stories they have documented of people who fought, worked, loved and lived through the Second World War.

  • Stanley and Anneliese – the story of an English soldier and an East German girl whose love endured the fall of Berlin and the rise of the Iron Curtain
  • Annie and John McKie – children who were evacuated into the English countryside, but were followed by German bombers even after fleeing London
  • Jo Davey – after she lost family members to German bombing raids, Jo went on to break down barriers in the financial sector, getting a job in the Bank of England aged just 16 and smashing glass ceilings as a woman in finance in the mid 20th century

“The truth is that everyone’s story is different, and every life story is interesting if told with passion and honesty. I am extremely proud to have developed such a platform which allows people from all walks of life and all backgrounds to immortalise their stories and leave a legacy for their families and friends.” – Rutger Bruining, CEO and Founder of StoryTerrace

Rutger Bruining, CEO and Founder of StoryTerrace, has always been fascinated by the art of storytelling. This fascination began in Rutger’s childhood, when his grandfather, a member of the Resistance in the Netherlands during WWII, would regale Rutger with tales of his time spent in fighting the Nazis, and the incredible adventures he had experienced during the course of his life. His grandfather sadly passed away before Rutger was able to write down or record any of his stories.

Despite carving out a budding career in private equity, Bruining was unable to shake the impression left on him by his grandfather and his desire to document the extraordinary stories of those like him – regular people. In 2013, he chose to dive head-first into his love for history and stories. It was at this moment that his grandfather’s inspiration led Rutger to create StoryTerrace.

“The benefits of writing and documenting your life story are so diverse; many of our clients find that their biographies bring them closer with family members and younger generations, whilst others experience an incredible therapeutic effect from writing down and documenting how they overcame adversity or trauma.” – Rutger Bruining, CEO and Founder of StoryTerrace

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