‘Digital yoga studio’ launches for at home meditation

‘The Yoga Class’ launches in time for Lockdown 2.0 – reportedly the first of its kind, digital-only yoga studio. It is founded by model Laura Dodd, a certified yoga and meditation teacher.

“The practice of yoga allows me to still my mind and empowers me to be the best version of myself. It took time and effort to build strength and flexibility in my body, but soon the things that felt impossible started to happen for me. I now want to support others to discover the same.” – Laura Dodd

Whether looking to pick up a new hobby in Lockdown II or develop and deepen existing yoga skills – every level is catered for.

The Yoga Class guides participants through a moving meditation with a focus on the breath, to develop strength and flexibility in the body and stillness in the mind. Both informative and calming, challenging and taught with compassion – The Yoga Class offers a kind approach to the teaching of this ancient practice.

From beginner to intermediate and advanced classes, The Yoga Class offers yoga basics, meditation, vinyasa, power yoga and yoga skills sessions. For more personal development, the Private Studio is also available, with classes tailored on an 1-to-1 basis by Laura to help the individual move towards their yoga goals, such as working towards an inversion practice or a more personal transformation.

Focusing on nurturing and supporting her students, Laura offers personal support to guide students through the platform – if they are newer to the practice, or if they need guidance tackling something they struggle with specifically.

As part of the digital yoga classes, participants will indulge in;


Steady beginner flows covering the basics, working with introductions to yoga postures and techniques. Building strength and flexibility to progress with easier transitions while working with the breath throughout to calm the mind, before concluding with a peaceful savasana.


Guided meditation, breathwork, mindfulness techniques and mindful movement classes that find deep connection with the body and mind and also promote sustainable flexibility in the body through the mindful movement classes. Prove to reduce stress and anxiety, clear the mind and come back to you.


Dynamic, flowing and energizing sequences that are always breath-led and help to develop strength and flexibility – vinyasa yoga offers a transformational workout for both body and mind. Classes flow through a warm up, sun salutations, standing and then seated postures finishing with a calming savasana.

Power Yoga

A flowing breath-led sequence that builds strength and stamina, working with longer holds and yoga conditioning drills. Power yoga offers a strong workout to develop the strength and technique needed to progress. The practice is balanced utilising softer flexibility enhancing poses and concludes with a peaceful savasana.

Yoga Skills

Working towards a challenge pose, with guided instruction step by step, these stand-alone classes focus on skill-based sequences, concluding with a detailed pose tutorial or or a detailed pose breakdown in a shorter class format.

Membership is available on a monthly (£23.98) or yearly (£178.97) basis and includes unlimited access to the full library of Digital Studio classes.

New classes and content added weekly. Classes include Beginners’ Basics, Vinyasa Flow, Power Flow, guided Meditations, Mindful Movement and Skills tutorials. Access to curated Spotify playlists and online challenges and support.

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