Time for a Rovers revamp at the Corrie inn?

Since December 1960 the Rovers Return Inn on Coronation Street has, apart from decor, changed little since those days of Annie and Jack Walker behind the bar.

Now to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Coronation Street, designers at David Wilson Homes, have taken a look inside the street’s most iconic pub, The Rovers Return, to reveal how it could look with a modern interior makeover.

The boozer has had a few tweaks over the years, the fire in the 1980s saw major renovations, as well as the loss of The Snug area and the Select function room. But since then, and despite another major fire this past decade, little of the style has changed.

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It’s had its fair share of owners over the years, too, including first seen on-screen Annie and Jack Walker, their son Billy, Alec and Bet Gilroy, Jack and Vera Duckworth and most recently Jenny and Johnny Connor.

“However, whilst the pub may have frequently changed hands, its interior style has remained unchanged. Although there was a fire in 2013, which proved to be the biggest storyline of the year, the Rovers’ refurbishment followed the previous décor.” – David Wilson Homes

Now to see how things could be, and using five of 2020’s biggest interior trends, the company reinvented the famous ITV pub to showcase how it could look if it was given a major revamp. You can see all the various styles below.

Coronation Street celebrates its 60th anniversary on December 9th 2020. The show, devised by Tony Warren, is now the longest-running television serial in the world. Originally produced by Granada Television in Manchester, the programme follows the lives, loves and hates of the residents of a Salford terraced street.

Coronation Street airs on ITV, STV and UTV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Rovers Revamps

Above, the long-running ‘Rovers style’ in the David Wilson Homes design system. Below however they’ve unleashed a number of alternative looks for the Corrie pub.

The Scandi Look

Switching warm reds and rich oak for cool metallics and pine, the designers have given the iconic Manchester pub a taste of modern Scandinavian style. One of this year’s most popular trends, Scandi interior draws in natural light, with a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty.

Designed to maximise light at every turn, this trend favours pale-coloured walls and flooring and spaces free from clutter and ornamentation.

The Bohemian Style

The free spirit of the interior world, Bohemian design unleashes vivid colours, textures, and patterns, whilst offering an environment that’s relaxing and calming. This new, eclectic, design gives a nod towards global influence, with exotic flowers, plants, and images, scattered around the room.

Punters can sit back and relax in a comfortable booth, sipping a drink as they watch the world go by.

The Vintage Return

Whilst the Rovers may have been opened in the 1960s, the designers have taken it back to the 1920s to unveil how it could look with a vintage interior style.

Vintage interior design is quaint and elegant, welcoming natural materials that ooze sophistication and opulence. With that in mind, we’ve swapped the pub’s traditional bar stools and furnishings for beautiful, antique furniture and decor.

Adding classic black and white checked flooring makes the perfect dance floor for guests who want to sip a Martini and whip out their jazz hands.

The Botanical Feel

Fresh and inviting, the botanical trend is a simple way to add character and energy to any room, whether it’s a living room or an iconic TV pub.

To create an energising and uplifting atmosphere, we’ve stripped away the existing, dated wallpaper and replaced it with beautiful botanical prints, featuring bright splashes of bold green and red.

In a bid to bring the outdoors inside, you’ll also see an array of tropical plants, vines, and flowers scattered around the room, which helps to eliminate harmful toxins and reduce stress after a hard day’s work.

An Industrial Return

Industrial decor marries sleek modernity and rustic charm with an organic, lived-in feel. It’s become one of 2020s most popular home interior trends, thanks to the rise in regeneration projects across the country.

Industrial style refers to simplistic decor that derives from warehouses, factories, and other industrial structures. Typical decor includes stripped-back architectural details, exposed brick, metal, and wood, as well as recycled materials.

Taking inspiration from Coronation Street’s textile factory, Underworld, here’s what the Rovers would look like if it was given an industrial makeover.

See the larger images at the David Wilson Homes website here.
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