Christmas TV guide for pets released

The festive season truly starts the moment the Christmas edition of the Radio Times hits the shelves.

Now pet wellness experts Itch have released their version of the much-loved Christmas TV guide – with shows chosen specifically to keep pets entertained over the holidays.

“There are certain shows that pets respond to more positively than others, due to elements of the visuals and the soundtracks, and we’ve picked out some of the best to help pets with their mental health.” – Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, pet mental health expert

TV critic Boyd Hilton and animal mental health expert Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor compiled the ‘Grr-Radio Times’, which features a line-up of the best shows over the festive period, each specially chosen as they have qualities that will keep our pets happy this Christmas.

Research shows that music affects cats and dogs in a similar way to humans, meaning shows with epic scores like Strictly: The Christmas Countdown are likely to keep pets calm in busy or unfamiliar houses during the holidays.

“It was fun finding the perfect festive viewing for Itch’s Christmas TV guide – there are more animal-based shows than ever for a start, from All Creatures Great and Small to David Attenborough telling us all about meerkats. They’re also bound to enjoy the visual and aural treats that the glittering festive TV specials provide for their humans.” – TV critic Boyd Hilton

Similarly, when it comes to colours, cat and dog vision is optimised for seeing moving objects in poor light, meaning fast-paced and colourful spectaculars like Britain’s Got Talent at Christmas will help stimulate their senses.

“The colours, sounds and landscapes of shows like Meerkats: A Dynasties Special and Dr Who will help your pet keep calm during a busy festive period, especially if there are unfamiliar people in the house or if they’re travelling with you to other homes they don’t feel comfortable in.” – Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, pet mental health expert

Highlight picked include, The Supervet at Christmas (Channel 4, 20 December, 8pm), Animal Park Christmas (BBC1, 23 December, 12pm), First Dates Christmas (Channel 4, 23 December, 10pm), All Creatures Great and Small (Channel 5, 24 December, 9pm), Strictly: The Christmas Countdown (BBC1, 25 December, 6.45pm).

Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes (BBC2, 25 December, 6.45pm), Britain’s Got Talent at Christmas (ITV, 25 December, 8pm), Meerkats: A Dynasties Special (BBC1, 28 December, 7.30pm), Dr Who (BBC1, 1 January, 6.45pm) and Bridgerton (Netflix).

To download the Grr-Radio Times TV Guide in full and discover how Itch is helping the nation address pet wellness issues, visit the Itch website.

“We might squabble over what TV to watch over Christmas, but our pets are part of the family so it’s only fair they get a say, as well! The Grr-Radio Times is the perfect way to make sure your pet is happy this Christmas.”  – TV critic Boyd Hilton

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