Sleep scientists compile the ultimate formula for the perfect night’s sleep

Sleep scientists have trawled through decades of research to compile the ultimate formula for the perfect night’s sleep – the ‘five t’s’

Sleep scientists at new eco-friendly bedding brand, Snug, have analysed decades of research to find the definitive formula for satisfying sleep; a mathematical formula of ‘five t’s’ which can be applied to everyone’s bedtime routine in order to create their own unique, ultimate night’s rest.

Timings; eight hours of rest each evening is the optimum amount needed to reset the body after a day’s activity

Temperature; the bedroom should be 17 degrees Celsius in order to keep the body at a tepid temperature that stimulates satisfying sleep

Taste-buds; these need a break ahead of bedtime too. Eat the final meal of the day at least three hours before bed and have that last cup of coffee 10 hours before hitting the hay

Tog; for a night full of sweet dreams, change the duvet tog with the seasons – 4.5 tog for warmer nights, 10.5 for the in-between and 13.5 when it’s chillier

Technology; switch off and chill out – remember to give screen time a break 90 minutes before bed

“Snug is all about ‘happy sleep’ – and while that varies for each of us we wanted to use our scientists’ expertise to find a formula which could be applied to any Brit’s bedtime routine in order for them to have a satisfying night’s sleep.

“Just as our formula makes it easy to snuggle up and slumber, likewise our product range also makes it super simple for shoppers to pick a pillow and duvet that’s perfectly suited to them, and sleep happy knowing they’ve done their bit for the planet.” – Hayley Chaytor, Senior Brand Manager for Snug

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