Experts share how to clean entertainment equipment

To coincide with National Technology Day today – January 6 – cleaning experts at have provided their top tips on how to clean entertainment equipment.

In the current coronavirus pandemic, cleaning entertainment household products has become even more important. Using disinfectant wipes will clean most unwanted germs or bacteria and it only takes a few minutes to do. Many studies have shown that a variety of household items carry viruses, fungi, bacteria and microbial life forms. So, it’s imperative you clean them regularly.

Germs and bacteria can live on household items for 24 hours, and in recent studies, they’ve even tested positive for cold viruses. Big build-ups of mould can also be found lurking on your household items. So, what items should you be cleaning?

TV remote

TV remotes are especially likely to harbour germs, dirt and bacteria. Remotes tend to harbour more germs than other products, as everyone in the household will handle it numerous times throughout the day.

At a minimum, cleaning your remote monthly is recommended. If a family member is ill, then cleaning the TV remote more frequently is necessary to get rid of any germs that may be lingering. Firstly, remove the batteries from the remote, then use a disinfectant wipe to sweep over the remote a few times. To clean around the buttons, use a cotton wool bud and a toothpick to remove any stuck debris.

Gaming controller

Depending on how often you use them, gaming controllers should be cleaned every-two weeks if used daily. Unlike a TV remote, gaming controllers are being handled for a longer period of time. It’s also a good idea to wash your hands before gaming – this will prevent germs and keep your controller clean for a longer.

Again, using a disinfectant wipe, clean the entire controller area, ensuring any power sources have been removed. Use a cotton wool bud and toothpick to gently clean around the button and joysticks. This will remove any lodged grime.


Cleaning your earphones once a week with a cotton wool bud and disinfectant spray will keep any germs and bacteria away. Make sure to avoid spraying directly into the electrics and remove the earphones from any power source before cleaning. To prevent them from collecting germs, avoid sharing your earphones with anyone. This way, it prevents any contamination and bacteria swapping for all parties.


Whether you use a headset for work or gaming, it’s important they’re cleaned often. Every two weeks should suffice, using a disinfectant wipe when the headsets are not plugged in. Make sure to dry them efficiently before using.


Many chargers are shared around the household, therefore building-up a lot of dirt and bacteria. It’s important to clean chargers when they’re not plugged in as you don’t want to get a nasty electric shock. Wiping them down with a disinfectant wipe every week will prevent the build-up of germs around the household.

Mobile phone

Mobiles phones are another germ invested item, more so than the others because they’re carried with us 24 hours of the day. So, it’s important these items are cleaned regularly. If possible, daily.

When cleaning your phone screen, use a lint-free, soft cloth, and an alcohol wipe. Unplug all power sources and avoid getting moisture in any openings.

To clean your phone case, a disinfectant wipe will be fine. Remove the phone from the case before disinfecting and ensure the case is dry before putting the phone back in.

To clean your charging ports, use a toothpick, or a compressed air can. Don’t blow down them, as your breath holds a lot of moisture which could cause damage to your phone.

Computer mouse

Cleaning your mouse with an alcohol wipe monthly will stop an accumulation of bacteria and germs. A computer mouse, especially one used for work purposes, are handled regularly throughout the day and certainly need to be cleaned.

If you don’t clean the underside of your mouse from dirt and debris, it can prevent your mouse from working efficiently too.

Computer keyboard

Computer keyboards should be cleaned at least once a month. You can do this by using a disinfectant wipe and sweep it over the keyboard gently. Make sure the keyboard isn’t plugged into a power source before doing this. You can then use a cotton bud to go in-between the keys and clear any debris. This will also help to keep your keyboard working efficiently.

Out of the above items, mobile phones are by far the most likely to harbour germs due to the fact we use them so often and take them everywhere with us.

This means they’ll come into contact with a variety of germs from a variety of places. The TV remote is also a dirty secret, as many people don’t even think to clean them. Some studies have shown that TV remotes can be home to more germs and bacteria than toilet seats!

Not cleaning these household items regularly can cause viruses, bacteria and germs to spread within your household. By making sure to rid these items of unwanted germs, you’ll prevent illness and have an overall better wellbeing. 

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