This week in River City, Pobol y Cwm and Rownd a Rownd.

Reeling from her discovery, Eve confronts Cameron – is he Poppy’s stalker? Despite overwhelming evidence of his deceit, Cameron wriggles out of it by insisting his intentions were honourable – he was watching her on CCTV to keep Poppy safe. Claiming he has feelings for Poppy, Cameron does his best to dupe his mother and secure her silence.

Eve begins to regret ever doubting her son, but the trust proves short-lived when she asks him to prove he’s deleted all the video files of Poppy from his computer. As Cameron’s anger takes hold, he makes a shocking outburst, casting doubt over Cameron’s innocence once again.

Elsewhere, a weakened Lenny realises he needs to push Paul to let him go. He goads Paul, telling him he doesn’t have the killer instinct required to see the job through. However, just as Paul’s about to pull the trigger, the mysterious person who ordered the hit on Lenny steps out from the shadows.

With a little help from Bob, Angus prepares for his first, socially-distanced, date with Rebecca. Their date hits another stumbling block when Angus reels off his long list of failed romances, making Rebecca question whether he’s really the man for her.

River City, BBC Scotland, Monday 11 January, 10pm

Kath is horrified to learn about Mark’s desire to start a romantic relationship with Cassie as he pulls out all the stops in a bid to woo her. Tesni hatches a plan to allow Aled and Tyler some quality time at Rhif 10.

Jason reaches the end of his tether as Dylan uses deceitful tactics to snoop into his financial situation, which leads him to make a decision that could determine Ifan’s future. Mathew receives life-changing news.

Aled’s world is turned upside down when he learns that his biological father lives in Cwmderi. Dylan’s forced to confess to Jaclyn about shooting Garry.

Aled decides to confront his biological father and asks some tough questions about the past. Sioned and Eileen succeed in getting rid of Eifion from Penhrewl once and for all.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday 11, Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 January, 8pm

Carys, Aled and Tom’s disappearance continues to affect Barry and Iris immensely. As Iris tries her best to concentrate on her work, it becomes apparent that everything is getting on top of her.

When Barry hears a voicemail message on Carys’ phone it makes him wonder if someone knows of their whereabouts.

As Dani thanks Barry for his efforts to save Wyn, Vince is also grateful to him for bribing his landlord.

Sian continues her quest to find out the truth about what happened to Wyn at Copa following the cryptic information from Barry.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14 January, 8.25pm

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