River City is back tonight with the reintroduction of a second weekly episode. The first time since 2007.

For the first time in over a decade viewers can visit Shieldinch twice a week on Monday and Wednesdays on the BBC Scotland Channel and Tuesday and Thursdays on BBC One Scotland.

Tonight Lenny is stunned when faced with daughter Amber Murdoch (pictured top) who it seems has been behind his kidnap all along with Paul just her henchman What will Amber do, gun in hand? As his life hangs in the balance, Lenny attempts to talk himself out of the situation. However as the reasons behind the kidnap become clear, Lenny realises the sins of his past have finally caught up with him.

As Lenny’s life hangs in the balance, Paul finally admits to Rory his part in Lenny’s abduction. A furious Rory rushes to his father and is stunned to realise Amber has been the one who has caused the Murdoch’s so much anguish. A broken Lenny resigns himself to a deathly fate, much to Rory’s horror.

Elsewhere, despite Cameron’s protestations of innocence, Eve grows convinced her son is Poppy’s secret stalker. Eve’s concern grows when Scarlett admits Stevie would exact his own revenge on the person persecuting his girlfriend. Fearing for her son’s safety, Eve leaves, visibly shaken.

Eve returns home to discover Cameron’s preparing to leave – he won’t stay where he’s not trusted. Desperate to keep Cameron around and quash her doubts once and for all, Eve pleads with Cameron to reconsider. However, she remains sceptical about Cameron’s behaviour and can’t shake the shadow of doubt which looms large over his innocence.

River City, BBC Scotland, 10pm

Flashback: The Murdoch family in happier times, Lydia, Lenny, Amber and Rory.

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