This week in Pobol Y Cwm, River City and Rownd a Rownd.

As his father refuses to acknowledge Aled as his son, Aled’s anger drives him to do something foolish that he will sincerely regret. While Aled hides from the police, many face uncertain futures as a result of his actions. Meanwhile, Tesni admits to her mother that she’s hiding Aled in their home.

Sioned and DJ’s happy news is all but forgotten as Sioned’s world crumbles around her. A familiar face from DJ’s past makes an unexpected return to Cwmderi after hearing of his condition.

 Gaynor and Hywel return from holiday to find that Llwyncelyn has been sold.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8pm

In a quiet space, Ruby reads the damning testimonies of other young girls groomed by Joe. Shocked, Ruby slowly begins to realise she was wrong about her lover – she’s as much his victim as the others.

Ruby braces herself for an emotional conversation with Caitlin, who is stunned by her daughter’s confession. Nervously, she admits Caitlin was right about Joe. Dumfounded by Ruby’s honesty, Caitlin is shocked when Ruby says she doesn’t blame her for murdering Joe. Later she makes a decision about the future of The Tall Ship.

Elsewhere, tensions run high at the Murdochs, with Amber feeling undermined by Jessie and Alex. And Stevie plays peacemaker with Scarlett and Bernie as he tries to make them draw a line under their differences over Molly’s will.

Later in the week Eve struggles to deal with an evasive and distant Cameron. Still suspicious Cameron is Poppy’s stalker, Eve tries to get her son to confess but he remains resolute he’s not involved. Later, over a coffee with Poppy, Eve considers revealing her suspicions about Cameron. However, their chat is interrupted by another call from Poppy’s stalker, leaving them both shaken.

Keen to ease the rising tensions at home, Levi is on a mission to make Bob his new best friend – but girlfriend Kim isn’t sure it’s a good idea. At the garage, Bob and Angus gossip about Kim’s new love interest, unaware Levi has overheard everything. Levi tries to make conversation but Bob’s not interested in his small talk. Determined to win him round, Levi winds Bob up, and in doing so he lets down his guard.

River City, BBC Scotland, Monday and Wednesday, 10pm

The week starts with the day of Wyn’s funeral and everyone is thinking of Dani. Despite Wyn’s wishes for a private funeral, people are given an unexpected opportunity to pay their respects.

The occasion also pushes Rhys to question Barry, who for once opens up to him. It’s a big day for Robbie as he has an opportunity to fulfil a lifetime ambition, but it’s memorable for the wrong reasons.

Barry is determined to try and move forward following Carys and Tom’s departure, but people aren’t making things easy for him.

Life is far from easy for Mathew at school as he tries to be professional and hide the pain he’s in. Will he take things a step too far and force Elen into an awkward situation?

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday, 8.25pm

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