Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, January 27.

Sweating and shaking, Peter sits down and pens a letter to Simon. Carla is horrified by the letter’s contents but Peter insists it’s not a suicide note – it’s a farewell letter as he has accepted his fate. On a mission, Carla drags Simon round to Number 1, where to Peter’s horror she reads out the letter. As a shaken Simon heads out, Carla begs Peter to save himself before it’s too late.

Later, Ken finds Peter drunk in a hotel bar, but when Ken tries to take his drink off him, Peter lashes out. Ashamed of his actions, Peter breaks down and admits he wants to give up the booze but doesn’t know how.

Meanwhile, Debbie tells Sally and David the development is cancelled, their houses are safe and in David’s case, she’ll sell Number 8 back to him at the original price. Debbie persuades Kevin to let her sign the garages back to him, telling him he can also keep the £90,000 that he was paid. But where is Ray?

Elsewhere, Gail confides in Nick that she has traced Fanny from the photo, who it turns out is her great great grandmother and she’s arranged to meet someone called Top Hat who has the same connection to Fanny. Top Hat turns out to be George. Mary and Eileen are unimpressed.

Also, Todd muscles in on Billy and Paul’s plans. There’s tension between Grace and Aggie.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Moira tells Charles that Harriet is not in a state to be making big decisions, and that he shouldn’t let her walk away without a struggle.

Will Charles heed Moira’s advice?

Meanwhile, Marlon is worried about Ellis and urges Al to fight for his son.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Ollie is full of remorse for taking drugs again and Cindy thinks he should be punished, but Luke wants to remind his son that there’s more to life than drugs and suggests a kickabout. However, when he gets caught up talking to Mandy, Luke completely forgets about Ollie. Ollie is angry at being stood up by his dad and goes on the hunt for drugs.

Meanwhile, Ste has been chatting to Sacha online all night and she has agreed to give a statement. He and James bond as they’re waiting for her, but she’s taking a long time to show up. Sid and Peri go to Jordan’s funeral, but Sid is heartbroken that the service wasn’t what his cousin deserved.

Back at home, Sid reads out what he intended to say, but is furious when Ollie comes over asking for dealers’ numbers. Later, Ollie’s desperate actions bring Victor back to the village.

Elsewhere, Goldie has set up a stall selling some of her clothes and Nana agrees to help. However, Nana soon realises that they’re not Goldie’s belongings – they’re Theresa’s as payback for blackmailing the McQueens.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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