Cameron’s thumped in River City while Dylan has a secret in Pobol y Cwm

This week in Cwmderi, Shieldinch and Glanrafon.

At The Tall Ship, Nicole notices Maggie’s struggling to cope. She confides in a sympathetic Nicole about her fears for Caitlin and reveals she’s on anti-anxiety medication. Working in the pub isn’t helping – she’s never been more tempted to drink.

Upstairs, a hopeful Caitlin talks to Ellie about the second post mortem results which have cast doubt over Caitlin’s guilt. The results show someone else delivered a second blow which killed Joe – but who? Ellie has her own theory and is quick to point the finger at Nicole.

Tensions run high in the Murdoch household as Jessie and Amber continue to clash, with Alex caught in the middle.

Lenny is shocked to discover that Amber attacked Jessie. Convinced Amber’s out-of-control behaviour stems from something significant, Lenny’ is unprepared when Lou uncovers the shocking truth.

Fearing he’s losing the love of his life, Stevie’s jealously about Poppy and Cameron’s closeness grows. At the Two Jailbirds, Stevie launches a tirade at Cameron, telling him to back off from his girlfriend.

Cameron acts the innocent but delights in taunting Stevie, saying he’s been there for Poppy when she needed him most. Stevie sees red and launches an attack on a defenceless Cameron as he lies on the ground.

River City, BBC Scotland, Monday and Wednesday, 10pm Repeated on BBC One Scotland on Wednesday and Friday.

Dylan worries that his secret will become public knowledge after Aled tells all to Sioned. Tesni gives in to the heat of the moment and attempts to kiss Lisa.

The situation between Mark and Kath worsens when Mark accuses his mother of more deceit. Jaclyn welcomes Aled with open arms to live at the Parris household.

Eileen voices her fears over Sioned’s relationship as a face from DJ’s past comes to visit him at Penrhewl. Ffion worries when she finds Guto passed out asleep on a bench in broad daylight.

Later Eileen questions DJ when she hears that he’s been meeting his ex. Mark returns to Maes y Deri to find that Kath has disappeared from Cwmderi.

Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8pm

Barry is determined to try and move forward following Carys and Tom’s departure, but people aren’t making things easy for him.

Life is far from easy for Mathew at school as he tries to be professional and hide the pain he’s in. Will he take things a step too far and force Elen into an awkward situation?

As Iris returns to work at the cafe, Arthur has an unexpected day off – until someone spoils his plans. But just who will be laughing at the end of the day?

As Vince tries his best to please everyone, Sophie puts her foot down regarding childcare arrangements which has great implications for everyone.

Dani and Britney prepare to go to Spain to wish a final farewell to Wyn, and Mel prepares a business plan that could be beneficial to a lot of people.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Tuesday and Thursday 8.25pm

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