Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, February 9.

Kim accuses Dawn of using Jamie for money. Dawn and a passing Will are furious. Watching with amusement, Mack throws the cat among the pigeons by exposing Kim and Will’s relationship. Realising she has been lied to, Dawn is disgusted.

Meanwhile, Matty is uneasy as a menacing Cain reminds him to keep quiet about what happened with Kyle.

Elsewhere, Samson is uneasy as Noah passes him an empty water bottle – he has asked him to give a urine sample so Noah can pretend it’s his and pass the medical.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Celeste and Cleo share their fears with Felix and he decides to handle this. He’s horrified when he goes to The Loft to bring Toby home. Can Felix convince his son to leave, or will they lose Toby as Dr Ley plays her final card?

Meanwhile, Nancy knows that Ella is hiding something from the night of Jordan’s murder, but Mandy refuses to let her speak to her daughter. Mandy and Darren have an appointment at the bank following Kurt’s scam and ask Tony to look after Ella.

Nancy has an opportunity to get close to Ella while Tony busies himself with the restaurant, will she discover the truth? Later, Mandy goes to more drastic lengths to protect Ella.

Elsewhere, Maxine and Trish celebrate when the new ‘Trish Minniver School of Dance’ banner arrives, but it’s clear that Trish left her last dance school under a cloud. They’re unaware of sinister Brad’s intentions as he offers to fund the project.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Karen asks Jimmi if he really said that Tom and Ella should visit their dad in prison. Jimmi denies it and Karen is left unsure of what to say to them. When they get home, Karen tries to broach it but the kids get upset. Karen tries to confront them about the lies but they storm off. Later, the kids try and apologise and end up telling more lies. The situation escalates…

Meanwhile, Karen asks Emma about her new boyfriend. Emma is coy until Valerie comes in and starts having a dig at Emma again, so Emma gushes about Aashiq. Valerie is surprised when Aashiq turns up at lunchtime. He attempts to charm her and offers her some flowers.

Emma questions Aashiq buying another woman flowers but he insists he has much more planned for her. After a shopping trip Aashiq tells Emma to put her hand in her coat pocket and she pulls out a gold bracelet.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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