Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, February 10.

Knowing that Carla is visiting Johnny later, Jenny implores her to find out how he really is and not to let him fob her off. Johnny admits to Carla that things have got worse but promises to see the prison doctor if she won’t say anything to Jenny. Neither keep their side of the bargain – Johnny is summoned to see the prison doctor after Carla contacts the prison with her concerns.

Meanwhile, Abi suggests they should tell Kevin the truth about Ray, but Debbie won’t hear of it. With Mick the thug looking for Ray and pointed in Debbie’s direction, a worried Abi tells Kevin how Debbie killed Ray in self-defence and disposed of his body in the river. Kevin isn’t convinced.

Elsewhere, Alina isn’t keen on Tyrone’s suggestion she take up beauty therapy again. When Fiz reminds him how Alina found herself at the mercy of people traffickers the last time she worked in a beauty parlour, Tyrone’s mortified. Alina’s touched when Tyrone offers to find her a suitable college course.

Also, Gail discusses Ted’s funeral arrangements with George.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

DCI Arthurs tells Mick and Shirley that a person matching Tina’s description was caught shoplifting. She gave her name, but then made a run for it. Taking matters into her own hands, Shirley tells Mick and Gray that she can’t sit around doing nothing she is going to look for Tina

Meanwhile, Max meets with the clairvoyant, Bea, to talk about Abi. Sceptical, Max doesn’t know what to believe but he breaks down clearly unable to cope.

Elsewhere, Kathy is struggling to cope with Ian’s disappearance and Bobby suggests she see a doctor. Kathy is determined that Sharon must pay for what she’s done to their family.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8pm

When Noah realises Charity has interfered with his plan to fake the army medical, he lays into her for her selfishness, commenting that his life would have been better if she’d sold him forever.

Charity responds by slapping him. Has she pushed Noah too far?

Elsewhere, Will has a choice to make; Rhona and Marlon enjoy their secret.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Tony offers to release some money from the restaurant to help Mandy and Darren. Mandy panics when Nancy storms into The Hutch wanting answers.

Meanwhile, Sid feels increasingly responsible for bringing Jordan and Victor to the village, but is still determined to gather evidence on Victor. However, he’s waiting for a drug deal when Nancy arrives, blaming him for everything. Nancy shocks everyone with her actions.

Elsewhere, Trish wants a dance school venue by the end of the day. Maxine spots an advert at Salon De Thé for space available to rent, but Romeo has the same idea when Cher reveals she would like to run her own salon. Marnie decides to pit the two against each other.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Valerie is out and about when she sees Aashiq getting into his car – not alone. She reveals the sighting to Emma but Emma accuses her of making it up. However, with Valerie’s words ringing in her ears, Emma searches for Aashiq online and discovers the truth.

Meanwhile, Al arrives home to a table full of food and soon he and Lily are joined by her parents. AL starts off well with the charm offensive but Terry reveals himself to be a believer in flat earth theory. Al is fascinated and probes Terry, who gets sick of Al’s ridicule and storms out, leaving Lily furious.

Later, Lily gets a call from the hospital and asks Valerie to accompany her to get her results.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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