Your Pick of the Plots for Monday, March 1.

In pain Ruby goes to hospital where she is told that she is haemorrhaging from her miscarriage and will need a procedure. Ruby is distraught and Martin is at a loss on how to support her. Stacey feels terrible about what has happened and apologises to Martin when she sees him returning home.

Meanwhile, Kheerat catches a thief stealing cans in the Minute Mart and warns him about his family’s reputation. The thief leaves but Vinny points out to Kheerat that their name means nothing in Walford – they need the Mitchells to get ahead. Kheerat and Vinny meet with Ben to propose becoming partners.

Later, Kheerat and Ben meet with Stas at the Arches while Vinny is on standby with Stas’ cash. Kheerat proposes a deal but Stas doesn’t trust Mitchells after hearing they’ve been badmouthing him. He wants his money back or he’ll ruin them. En route with the money Vinny is confronted by the thief from earlier.

Elsewhere, Gray lashes out at Whitney; Isaac reveals his big secret to Lola.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.05pm

Simon tries to convince Sam that what he saw was a prank but Sam starts acting up school, leaving Nick worried. Sam’s later terrified when he sees Jacob in the café and Nick coaxes the truth out of his son. Nick confronts Simon. Leanne finds the packages of coke and confronts Simon. She promises to sort herself out but they must go to the police. Simon’s fearful of the consequences.

Meanwhile, Alya is tamping to find out that Geoff has left everything to Tim. As Alya chucks all Geoff’s belongings out, Tim asserts that everything he inherited from Geoff, he’s transferring to Yasmeen. Yasmeen’s unease is evident.

Elsewhere, Kai is convinced Johnny is stealing his drug business. Later, having taken a beating, Johnny admits to Jenny he’s stopped taking his MS pills as he wants to be able to go on seeing Aidan.

Also, Asha’s put out when Nina chooses to go out with Roy over spending time with her. Ed offers Paul an apprenticeship.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Moira catches Faith leaving the village, incredulous that she was going to sneak away without saying goodbye. Will Moira’s protests be ignored or can she convince Faith to stay in the village?

Meanwhile, Dawn confronts Jamie over Gabby’s pregnancy and is devastated. Despite his protestations of love, Dawn tells Jamie it’s over between them.

Elsewhere, Mandy thinks that Paul might have PTSD after the kidnapping. Paul is quick to jump on this excuse as a lifeline.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

George is in Salon De Thé having an informal chat with DS Cohen about his relationship. Sally overhears and she’s concerned that George doesn’t fiercely deny that John Paul hurt him.

Sally wonders whether George might have misled Peri at the hospital too and tells John Paul that she doesn’t think George is the hero he’s making himself out to be. However, she only makes matters worse for her son.

Meanwhile, Ste refuses to let Sid carry on working with Victor and asks James for money to buy Sid out. However, James and Sid make a more dangerous plan to record Victor’s confession, both determined to free Juliet.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

After sleeping through his alarm, newcomer Luca arrives late on his first day at the Mill. He doesn’t receive the warmest of welcomes from Karen who has a lot on her mind. Continuing his tour around the Mill, Luca meets Zara and immediately hands her a list of improvements he thinks could be made.

Zara’s unsure of Luca however Daniel is unphased by his attitude – at least he is showing some initiative. Later, Bear ropes Luca into taking part in the teambuilding day. After a tumultuous first day, Luca meets Ruhma, who is convinced she was present at his birth.

Meanwhile, Daniel is called to campus to help two protesting students who superglued themselves to a building. The girls, Anita and Maisie, refuse to tell Daniel what they’re protesting against. Daniel tells them they need to think their actions through. They agree – they need to think bigger.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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