Amanda Mealing to take a break from Casualty

Amanda Mealing is to take a break from her role as Connie Beauchamp in Casualty.

Clinical lead Connie has been involved in a number of hard-hitting and explosive storylines since her first appearance in Casualty in 2014. These have included action sequences such as car crashes and rescue missions as well as thought provoking storylines addressing cancer, euthanasia, paranoia and addiction.

“It has been the most remarkable privilege to play Connie for the last 18 years,” Mealing said in a statement. “When she first hit our screens there were few female leads that weren’t ‘the wife of…’, ‘the mistress of…’ or needed ‘rescuing’. Most important for me is knowing that Connie has inspired so many women and young girls to seek careers, seek independence and strive to be their best.”

Connie has recently been through a turbulent couple of months including battling with the breakdown of her relationship with Jacob (Charles Venn) and steering the ED through the height of the pandemic.

In scenes to come she will embark on a well-earned break, putting her personal life ahead of her career for once.

Mealing originally starred as Connie in Holby City between 2004-2010 before taking the role to Casualty in 2014. Viewers can expect to see her on their screens in Casualty until late March, with her break – of an undisclosed length – coming into effect thereafter.

“We are going to miss Amanda playing chief of the ED Connie. Connie has led the ED, her team, and our Casualty audience through COVID. The quest to restore Casualty to our screens was not an easy one, and we owe a huge debt to Amanda and the whole team for delivering some of the most extraordinary episodes Casualty has ever broadcast. We look forward to welcoming Connie back onto our screens in due course.” – Deborah Sathe, Senior Head of Content Production for Holby City and Casualty

Casualty is produced by BBC Studios Wales for BBC One.

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One Reply to “Amanda Mealing to take a break from Casualty”

  1. Hi Connie I’m Chrissie
    and i love you so much i am so sorry you are departing from casualty and holby city
    please give me your number and i will contact you and send me a post card of you and casualty people please come back to Casualty and Holby city soon because it won’t be the same without you
    i lost my mum from breast cancer in 2006 and i am very upset because of the covid and lockdown
    it’s been stressful living with Preeti at Byron road
    because she broke the other tv and she’s not allowed to watch tv in the lounge with me tonight

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