Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, March 2.

Vinny is cornered in the alley by the thief and his brothers, bag of cash for Stas in hand. At the Arches, Ben and Kheerat try to reason with Stas but he is getting impatient…

Meanwhile, Stacey apologies to Ruby for the accident, but Ruby tells Martin and Kush it was Stacey that pushed her down the stairs. Stacey is aghast and pleads that she didn’t do it.

Ruby goes on to reveal to Martin that Kush and Stacey locked her in her office and forced her to take a pregnancy test. Kush tries to explain but Martin won’t have it and punches Kush.

Elsewhere, Lola is mortified when Isaac catches her researching schizophrenia.

EastEnders, 7.30pm, BBC One

Gabby is angry at Nicola for telling Bernice about her pregnancy. She is scathing about her mum, and Nicola and Diane are surprised when Laurel doesn’t defend her.

Laurel explains that she’ll have to start treating Gabby with kid gloves, rather than risk driving her further into Kim’s clutches.

Meanwhile, Mandy is emotional when Paul organises a family cycling trip at HOP.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Ste thinks James’s plan is far too dangerous, but Sid is determined to go ahead with it. Sid drops off some cash for Victor and hits the jackpot when Victor tells him to wait in the car while he’s on the phone.

Sid shakily plants a listening device in the glove box, only to be caught by Ollie looking for drugs. He gets rid of Ollie and can’t believe his luck when he gets the confession he needs from Victor. However, Victor later finds out that he’s been betrayed.

Meanwhile, George has planned a grand romantic gesture for John Paul, but Sally thinks he’s about to propose and ruins it, embarrassing herself and angering George.

Elsewhere, an argument leads to Trish losing her dance school venue.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Bear has organised a go-kart derby for teambuilding day but Daniel’s foul mood clashes with Luca’s tongue-in-cheek demeanour. Harvey Dowling (30s) explains the rules of the day to the staff, and sets off to find them some paint and adhesives so they can assemble their karts after the scavenger hunt.

Meanwhile, Bob Wainwright and his son Charlie have trespassed onto the grounds. Bob is convinced the location has experienced extra-terrestrial activity and is set on proving his theory. When Harvey tries to shoo him away, the two get into an altercation.

Bob ties Harvey up and leaves him in a shed. When Harvey is later found he wants to go to the police however the staff argue in Bob’s favour.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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