Your Pick of the Plots for Friday, March 5.

Chelsea panics when Denise admits that she has told Jack everything. Chelsea manages to persuade Jack to join her at the club so she can explain. Once there, she starts reminiscing about their past and cheekily suggests they go back to his house.

Meanwhile, Gray asks Whitney for a drink to make up for losing his cool. Whitney and Kush decide to tell people about their relationship starting with Kat. Gray is later thrown when he hears the news.

Elsewhere, Kat tells Kim that she has slept with Phil; Mick decides it’s time he told his kids what has been going on; Dotty and Keegan are at odds over Tiffany being a hostess.

EastEnders, BBC One, 8.35pm

Leanne gets up to find Jacob and Simon counting their drugs money. When she objects, Jacob makes a dig about her dead son. Leanne tries to grab him but smashes Oliver’s music box in the process. Leanne begs Simon to stop dealing but Simon points out the stark truth – they need the money.

Leanne tells Carla that’s he needs to talk to Peter but Carla is reluctant to get him involved and decides to warn Jacob off herself, which doesn’t go down well with Simon. Later, after winding her up further, Jacob challenges Leanne to call the police.

Meanwhile, Yasmeen returns home from hospital and asserts that she doesn’t want pills or counselling. Elaine calls by and Yasmeen tells her that she would like her to have Geoff’s stake in Speed Daal. Alya and Elaine are taken aback.

Elsewhere, as Tyrone helps Alina with her course work, it’s clear he enjoys her company. Eileen urges Sean to accept that makeup sales was a bad idea.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm

Priya battles her conflicting emotions.

Meanwhile, Gabby is dejected.

Elsewhere, Chas is unimpressed.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Ste is disappointed to find half-dressed Ollie in James’ flat and assumes they’ve slept together. Later, Ollie begs his dad for help, but Ollie’s recent actions have crossed a line for Luke, and he asks for Ollie’s house key back.

Meanwhile, Verity is trying to push the New York job to the back of her mind, but Scott urges her not to give up on her dream for a fictional family with Sami. Later, Scott poses as her executive assistant and accepts the job on her behalf. How will Verity react when she finds out?

Elsewhere, Romeo is concerned about Cher’s increasing jealousy; Maxine asks Trish to let her be her assistant dance instructor at the dance school.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

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