A summer of drama with Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks has launched a new spring trailer tonight at 5pm on its official social media platforms, and fans can expect an engagement, a vendetta, and a hit and run.

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There’s been tension in the air lately over in Hollyoaks village with Summer very much set on a string of revenge attacks for the demise of her father with Warren, Brody and Sienna in her firing line.

Elsewhere John Paul appears to have pulled a cracker with policeman George Kiss, but all isn’t as it seems with the charming copper. And of course, being Hollyoaks so much more has been going on too, so what does the trailer give us a glimpse into?

Well for John Paul he declares that he’s happier than he’s ever been as he plans to move in with his boyfriend George, and even announces that they’re engaged, but behind closed doors, he is viciously attacked once again, and John Paul turns to drink. Will his family convince him to escape his relationship before it’s too late…

The will-they-wont-they relationship between Martine and Felix may finally have a happy ending as the trailer teases a kiss between the pair, but shortly after, Martine tells her children Celeste and Toby that she’s found a lump, and later breaks down at the hospital.

Production Note: The on-screen kiss between Martine and Felix was filmed using Kelle’s husband as a body double.

Meanwhile, Sienna has been on the straight and narrow for some time, but her jealousy of her ex-boyfriend, Brody’s new relationship with Summer reaches new lengths as she plots to break them up at any cost.

Mercedes marriage to Sylver is on the rocks as her step-daughter Cher continues to troll her online and make cheating accusations, and it looks like Mercedes has turned to Cher’s boyfriend Romeo for support, as the trailer teases the pair may have slept together. Later, Romeo confronts Cher after discovering she’s the troll, but will he tell Mercedes the truth…

It looks like Juliet and Peri can finally be together following Juliet’s release from prison, but with new village bad boy Fergus Collins watching the love birds in their bedroom on CCTV footage, are they in danger…

The trailer further teases Maxine getting caught in the crossfire of Brad and Warren’s dodgy business-deal-gone-wrong as she is hit by a van…

Ste announces that he is officially in a relationship with James, there’s a possible unlikely hook-up between Maxine and Warren, and will Sami have a change of heart before Verity leaves for good…

Hollyoaks weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, first look at 7pm on E4

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