Oliver James has breathing techniques for a healthier lifestyle

21 Breaths to transform your life – from ‘Cleanse Breath’ to de-stress, ‘Rising Tide’ to boost sleep & ‘The Waterfall’ for anti-ageing.

With both physical and mental health benefits Breathwork is on an upward curve as a wellness trend. An expert in the field, Oliver James, has written a 21-step guide to better breathing for a better life. Simple, powerful techniques anyone can do to improve mental and physical health

“Are you breathing correctly? The way we breathe is key to physical and mental health, yet most of us do it without thinking. 21 Breaths reveals how to reconnect with your breath.” –  Unicorn Publishing

James’ book explores the science behind breath – and how every part of our body, from our nervous system to our reproductive and digestive systems, benefits from the techniques.

The body-led psychotherapist reveals 21 breaths to tackle different issues – from tiredness to bad posture –  with simple, step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

Readers are guided through simple breathing exercises to help you spot if you’re breathing correctly and how you can breathe better.

“Packed with 21 pioneering new breathing techniques to transform the way you live and feel, there’s a breath for everything, from tackling common health issues, like nausea and colds, to improving mental health and super-charging everything from our confidence to our fitness!” – Unicorn Publishing

The 21 breaths include:

  • ‘Mindful Breath’ – to relieve pain (without the need for drugs!)
  • ‘Celestial Lift Breath’ – to super-charge your energy levels
  • ‘4:7:8 Breath’ – to release anxiety
  • ‘Affirmation Breath’ – to heal relationships
  • ’10 Sec Meditation Breath’ – to relieve cravings
  • ‘Star Breath’ – to improve your wfh posture
  • ‘Dive breath’ – to survive for longer under water
  • ‘Geometric Breath’ – for nervous flyers!
  • ‘Slow Motion Breath ‘– to relieve asthma

21 Breaths: Breathing Techniques to Change your Life by Oliver James is published 30th April by Unify, an imprint of Unicorn Publishing Group, priced £12.50, available from all good bookshops, online retailers or direct from www.unicornpublishing.org

EastEnders covered the issues surrounding asthma as seen with the character Heather Trott, pictured top.

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