This week in River City Rebecca lies again and in Pobol y Cwm Kath meets a man with a dodgy past

Coming up this week in Cwmderi, Shieldinch and Glanrafon.

Dani’s unexplained absence worries Britt while Garry has his suspicions about who’s responsible for her disappearance. In the meantime, Luned thinks of a way to seek revenge after Rhys made a fool of her.

Tyler faces an uphill battle as Iolo refuses to see a doctor as his health concerns become more serious. While Tyler worries about Iolo, Cassie and Brynmor become concerned about Kath’s safety as she meets a man with a dodgy past.

Cassie puts together a plan to get Kath and Brynmor together, but Brynmor’s going to have to work hard to win Kath over. Ray lets something slip which makes Eifion question his father’s death.

 Pobol y Cwm, S4C, Monday, Wednesday (double bill) & Thursday 8 pm

First of two episodes on BBC Scotland and at the Two Jailbirds, Stevie worries about the lack of business as Tyler makes his criminal plans known. Sonny offers his support but his tentative questions about Stevie’s mental health backfire and he loses his temper. They settle their differences and Sonny frets about the depth of Stevie’s despair – this is about more than just money worries.

Things go from bad to worse when Stevie spots Sonny and Eve chatting, wrongly assuming they’re gossiping about him. Humiliated and raging, Stevie gives them both a piece of his mind but is stung when Eve answers back.

Elsewhere, opportunist Scarlett persuades Rebecca to give her a haircut. Rebecca does everything she can to dissuade Scarlett, who is adamant she wants a complete restyle. Cornered, Rebecca lies that she can see Scarlett has nits, so she can’t cut her hair. It’s the latest in a long line of lies spun by Rebecca.

Eve meets Suzie who is working at the new community café, Molly’s Corner. However, their cuppa is interrupted by news of negative online comments about Doctor Eve. Fearing she’s been trolled, Eve confides in Dylan about her fears it could be the work of Cameron.

River City, BBC Scotland, Monday, 10pm Repeated later in the week on BBC One Scotland.

Second episode details lower down…

Spending too much time at Copa is having a detrimental effect on Dani and Iolo has to step in and have a word with her. But obviously, Dani has more to say on the subject!

Over at the cafe Philip is still desperate to find someone to help Mel. Glenda is the obvious choice but Philip isn’t sure if he can bring himself to ask her.

Sian makes a discovery in the woods that will have a profound effect on her.

Rownd a Rownd, S4C, Thursday, 8.25 pm

Rownd a Rownd will only be on once a week every Thursday. S4C will be returning to two episodes a week in June.

Caitlin prepares to represent herself in court, practising her line of questioning. Maggie is horrified and tells her daughter she thinks it’s a terrible idea.

Terrified of losing Caitlin, Maggie reluctantly supports her daughter’s risky strategy and agrees to be coached through an imaginary trial. The questions make Maggie anxious and she struggles to remember key details about the night of Joe’s murder, causing Caitlin concern.

As Maggie experiences powerful flashbacks, she begins to crumble. To make matters worse, Ellie’s anxiety rears its head as the McLean women begin to wonder if they can keep the secrets of that fateful night hidden.

Elsewhere, Paul gets tested to see if he’s a donor match for Rory. While Alex is cynical about his motivations, Lenny keeps Paul close, determined to do whatever it takes to save his son.

While Amber believes Paul’s intentions are honest and he loves Rory, Alex remains convinced he’s completely untrustworthy. Left alone with Lenny, Paul quickly realises he’s not been forgiven for kidnapping him. It’s clear he’s only around the Murdoch’s for one reason – to save Rory’s life.

Sonny seeks out Scarlett to talk about his concerns for Stevie. However, when he suggests she’s not paying Stevie enough attention, Scarlett reacts defensively and dishes out a few home truths about Sonny’s parenting skills.

River City, BBC Scotland, Wednesday, 10 pm. Repeated later in the week on BBC One Scotland.

Pictured top: Pobol y Cwm, Middle: River City, Bottom: Rownd a Rownd.

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