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…Tips On The Perfect Morning Routine

‘Morning Routine’ has had an average of 6.6k Google searches per month over the past year, and Google Trends shows the searches are constantly increasing. But how much can your morning routine (or lack of!) really affect your well-being?

Wellness experts at Eden’s Gate have delved into the morning routines of some of our favourite celebs and influencers, to discover how we can take their tips and tricks to transform mornings into the most positive part of our day.

“It’s easy to spot the trend for early morning workouts amongst celebs and influencers, and it’s definitely something to consider making a part of your morning routine. It releases endorphins which will put you in an instant good mood, plus it gives your metabolism a boost and you’ll burn more calories for the rest of the day (this is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC.)” – Tyler Woodward, CEO at Eden’s Gate

Louise Thompson

Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson loves to start her day early, often waking up before 6am. The former party girl has had a complete lifestyle overhaul over the past few years, leading to her starting her own fitness and wellness brand turtle with a large community of subscribers.

Typical Morning Routine:

6am – Wake up

6.15am – Drink a pint of hot water and lemon

7am – Fitness Class with Turtle community (Yoga, Hiit, Weights depending on day)

8am – Go for a Walk

Ryan Libbey 

Personal trainer and Made In Chelsea cast-member Ryan Libbey rises at 5am. So what is the reasoning for waking up at such an ungodly hour? Ryan is a firm believer that when your alarm goes off at 5am, if you can make the great decision to wake up, you’ll make good decisions for the rest of the day.

Typical Morning Routine:

5am – Wake up

5.15am – Journal – Write down what you want to achieve that day, in order to start the day feeling organised and on-top of your to-do list.

6am – Read chapter of book – Make a coffee or tea and take the time to relax and enjoy a chapter of your favourite book.

6.30 am – Go for a walk – Ryan walks his dog Koji daily and says it helps to clear his head; he enjoys the tranquillity of being awake and outside whilst the world is sleeping.

7 am –  Fitness Class with Turtle community (Yoga, Hiit, Weights depending on day)

Zara McDermott

Ex Love Islander and Made In Chelsea cast member Zara McDermott has become a poster girl for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, using her Instagram page @adaywithzara to share recipes, workouts and more with her followers.

Typical Morning Routine:

8.30am – Wake up

9am – Breakfast (porridge or protein granola with almond milk, blueberries and raspberries)

10am – 90 minute workout

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach is a huge advocate of HIIT training. He says “I love smashing my workouts in the morning. It gives me loads of energy and sets me up for the day. I’m more productive and just generally happier after I exercise.”

Joe is also an advocate for morning meditation, saying “Meditation helped me to slow down, breathe, and let myself go to a place of calm and peaceful presence I’d never been to before. To be honest, I don’t do it consistently, and I don’t always enjoy it. But I do it about three or four days a week, which I feel is perfect for me.”

Typical Morning Routine:

8am – Wake up

9am – Workout (PE with Joe or filming for The Body Coach TV on YouTube

10am – Meditation (3-4 days a week)

Sarah Ashcroft 

Sarah Ashcroft is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer on Instagram (1.2 mil followers) and Youtube (263k subscribers).

Typical Morning Routine:

8am – Wake up

8.50am – Tidy apartment

9.15 am – Workout 30 mins

10am – Make smoothie (Banana, coconut milk, ice, vanilla protein)

11am (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only) – Run 2k

“Scheduling your workout in the morning means you’re less likely to miss it due to other commitments getting in the way. In conclusion, adding half an hour of exercise to your morning routine will leave you feeling more focussed and ready to tackle your day”. – Tyler Woodward, CEO at Eden’s Gate

Tips for the ideal celeb-inspired morning routine – as recommended by Eden’s Gate:

♥ Morning workout

Whether you do a home workout, hit the gym or simply get outside for a run or walk, exercise first thing in the morning has been proven to provide a boost that will last you through the day and make you more productive.

♥ Take time for yourself

Whether you meditate, read a book or clean your apartment ahead of starting work, it’s super important to take some time for yourself in the morning. This allows you to feel productive and positive from the get-go, and your good mood is likely to continue throughout the day.

♥ Try Journaling

Keeping a diary has the added benefit of helping to clear your head before the working day starts. Meditation can also achieve this, and many successful people swear by early morning mindfulness as a key part of their day.

♥ Drink water

For most of us, starting the day with a coffee is non-negotiable, however, this does nothing for keeping us hydrated! Instead, try hot water and lemon, or a cool pint of water with some lime and mint; After going several hours without a sip, a serving of water first thing can hydrate the body while aiding digestion and metabolism.

♥ Have a healthy breakfast – As the celebs above clearly know, healthy and hearty breakfast sets you up for the day, staving off hunger until lunch and allowing you to concentrate on being productive.

Eden’s Gate analysed the morning routines of celebrities by taking a look through their Instagram stories and YouTube videos in order to find out what common trends and routines celebrities undertake when starting their day.
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