Babble and Froth becomes hit podcast on iTunes

Babble & Froth having released its 10-episode series and launched its website has become a #2 Top Audio Podcast, iTunes – Arts Section as well as  top #5 in the iTunes Charts.

The podcast has featured in Fabulous Magazine

Created within the parameters of lockdown, producing team Nick Bacash and Rebecca Jo Hanbury were inspired to develop a new project – one that kept social distancing realistic without compromising on story and characters.

Set in a café, Babble & Froth invites audiences to be a fly on the wall and listen in on a diverse range of compelling and engaging conversations with a multitude of characters.

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Covering themes of the global pandemic, online dating, breakup revenge, the terms of modern relationships, parental dynamics and all emotions between.

Available on Apple Podcasts and all major podcasting platforms, the podcast has received five-star ratings on Apple Podcasts and has charted high in US Comedy and UK Performing Arts.

The series is also available on

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