Babble & Froth audio comedy drama launches with ten episode debut

Comedy/drama audio series set within a bustling local cafe, Babble & Froth has released its 10-episode series and launched its website.

Running between 9-12 minutes, audiences are invited to be a fly on the wall and experience the diversity of individual conversations with each episode.

“Creating a podcast with zero budget, no previous experience, while raising two children and dealing with the uncertainties of a pandemic was a challenge. Yet it provided a much-needed distraction, enabling us to channel our passion for writing and performing.” – producer statement

Created within the parameters of lockdown, producing team Nick Bacash and Rebecca Jo Hanbury were inspired to develop a new project – one that kept social distancing realistic without compromising on story and characters. Set in a café, Babble & Froth invites audiences to be a fly on the wall and listen in on a diverse range of compelling and engaging conversations with a multitude of characters.

“Within any conversation there are range of emotions that we experience, and we wanted the audience to connect with as many as possible, so their listening experience was memorable. And what better place to have these discussions than a café, a familiar setting for a range of diverse conversations.” – Nick Bacash

Covering themes of the global pandemic, online dating, breakup revenge, the terms of modern relationships, parental dynamics,

Babble & Froth cast includes acclaimed comic Tiff Stevenson, Suzanne Ahmet (Adult Material, Doctors, EastEnders), Garnon Davies (Hollyoaks, Holby City), Dan March (Johnny English Strikes Back), Renee Alleyne (KISS FM radio artist), Damian Lynch (Acclaimed Audio Books Narrator), Peter Ashmore (Holby City, The Bill) along with the two creators Nick Bacash and Rebecca Jo Hanbury.

“We’re both fans of Podcasts so the idea of developing an audio project was a really exciting prospect, and the perfect (remote working) creative outlet for us. It was important for us to be inclusive and diverse without being tokenistic, but also representative; it’s a fine line and something that is always in the back of our mind when casting.

“The beauty of audio is that anyone can play anyone, and we tend to write a lot where characters gender, ethnicity, accent and age are all completely open. It’s much more fun casting that way and it’s far more interesting to listen to,” – Rebecca Jo Hanbury.

Available on Apple Podcasts and all major podcasting platforms, Babble & Froth has received five-star ratings on Apple Podcasts and have charted high in US Comedy and UK Performing Arts.

The series is also available at

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