Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, May 5.

It’s the day of the Hen and Stag parties, Sally has arranged dinner at the bistro for the hens whilst Kevin’s stags are heading for Speed Daal. Seb is delighted when his mum asks him to give her away and presents her with the necklace.

Meanwhile, Corey meets up with his mate Eli who pulls up in a stolen car, desperate not to let him down Asha jumps in the car along with Kelly and Summer. Stopping at some wasteland they get out the beer and turn up the music. However, Asha heads off after finding out the car is stolen, meeting Amy on her way back to the street.

A loved-up Nina and Seb are walking along the canal when they encounter the gang. Things quickly turn nasty and Nina and Seb find themselves the subject of a vicious unprovoked attack. Later, word of the attack soon reaches the street. At the hospital, Roy learns that Nina requires an operation while the doctors assure Abi they are doing everything they can for Seb.

Kelly returns home and does her best to mask her terror while Corey makes out he’s been home for ages when Asha gets back from Amy’s. He acts shocked when Aadi arrives with news of the attack.

Coronation Street, ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Brenda accuses Faith of stealing her brooch, but has she got it wrong?

Meanwhile, Mandy and Sam coach Lydia.

Elsewhere, Liv’s guilt intensifies over Paul’s death. As Liam and Leyla celebrate their engagement, David and Meena’s relationship is looking less stable.

Emmerdale, ITV, 6.45pm

It’s clear Brody has been fed a pack of lies by Summer when he confronts Sienna and asks her to stop harassing his girlfriend. Sienna confides in Courtney, who advises her to tell the police about Summer.

Meanwhile, as Luke tries to deal with some shocking news, Cindy urges him to tell his mum about his dementia. Luke doesn’t want to tell his mum the truth and asks Cindy to keep quiet, much to her dismay. Later, it becomes clear that the secret will be hard to keep.

Elsewhere, Fergus overhears Shaq talking to Misbah about his money troubles, and decides that Shaq will be his next target.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Valerie can’t decide if she wants to accept Ricky’s offer or become an HCA. Valerie asks Emma for advice – it looks like she might stay. But when Karen hears about the HCA job, she is cross that she hadn’t been considered for it and admits that she thinks Valerie is just threatening to leave to bolster her position.

Later, Ricky arrives to sweep Valerie off her feet and rescue her from her ordinary life. Valerie faces a choice – does she want to a medical career or a life of glitz and glamour in show business?

Elsewhere, a young carer struggles when his Nan’s obsession with a Stanley Holloway monologue gets out of hand – can Rob and Harriet help?

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

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