The Rovers’ Annexe opened for AirBnB Corrie venture

For one night only, Weatherfield will be open to two guests, giving super-fans the opportunity to  stay at ‘The Rovers’ Annexe’.

The self-contained pop-up house, with its red-brick façade and double-glazed windows, will be situated in the heart of the street, next door to the famous soap boozer.

During the stay guests will be taken on a private tour of the exterior set followed by a hotpot dinner whilst watching classic Corrie episodes in the Annexe.

“As restrictions begin to ease and Brits plan summer staycations, Airbnb remains committed to helping people find unique and unforgettable travel experiences within the UK. Being the first people ever to stay on the nation’s most loved street is a dream come true for any Corrie fan and a once in a lifetime way to spend time with a friend or family member.” – Amanda Cupples, General Manager for Northern Europe at Airbnb

Although interior sets will be closed, guests will be able to wander around Coronation, Rosamund and Victoria Street to their heart’s content.

The specially constructed temporary annexe has been kitted out in classic Coronation Street style, taking inspiration from the Rovers Return décor.

At the centre of the living area, guests will find a TV set up with hours’ worth of indelible Coronation Street episodes from over the years including Deirdre Barlow’s tryst with Mike Baldwin and the tram crash which marked 50 years of the soap.

“What fan of Coronation Street hasn’t had a dream where you find yourself transported into the show itself, wandering around the houses of your best loved characters. I certainly have. This unique stay gives you the chance to do just that, stay the night and wake up right next to The Rovers Return. What better way to celebrate Britain opening up again than your very own staycation on the nation’s favourite Street.”  – Head of Continuing Drama John Whiston

ITV Studios, Coronation Street, is located in the Trafford side of MediaCityUK, Greater Manchester. The site opened in 2013 replacing the former street exterior and Granada TV Studios in Manchester city centre.

‘The Rovers’ Annexe’ sleeps a maximum of two guests and is available to book for 2 October 2021 for one night only for just £60 (fee donated to charity). Airbnb reviews will be taken into consideration.

The latest venture with Airbnb follows the news last week Coronation Street had welcomed a new Product Placement partnership with Purplebricks as The Rovers Return goes on the market. 

Product placement (PP) was introduced on television in the UK in 2011 and ITV led the way with the very first PP on British screens. In the same year the first peak time product placement was introduced in Coronation Street and in 2018 ITV unveiled its biggest Product Placement on British TV with Costa Coffee and Co-op storefronts as part of the new extended Weatherfield set.

“The upcoming story around the sale of the Rovers Return stems from something exciting that happens between Jenny and Johnny – but it also led to an exciting opportunity to team up with Purplebricks to sell the nation’s most iconic pub. The presence of a real Purplebricks sign outside adds a little bit of extra realism to a really relatable story between two of our best-loved characters.” – Iain MacLeod, Coronation Street Series Producer

First broadcast in 1960, Coronation Street became a soap opera when it began transmitting five episodes a week. It originally launched as a twice-weekly drama serial.

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