Love Island: Six Controversial moments

With the pending return to ITV2 of Love Island, its previous series have had their fair share of drama…

As one of the most-watched reality programmes of the summer, Love Island certainly has a few controversial moments that get the nation talking. But from Casa Amor drama to stealing kisses with another Islander, which moments have received the most Ofcom complaints?

As part of their Most Missed TV Moments campaign, the broadband and TV experts at Uswitch have crunched Ofcom’s complaints data over the last 5 years to reveal the most outrageous moments from the show.

Love Island: The six moments with the most Ofcom complaints

6. Post-Casa Amor fallout – July 2019, 314 complaints

With over 200 complaints, the post-Casa Amor fallout in 2019 was the fifth most controversial moment on the show.

The incident was because of not one but two shock moments between Amy and boyfriend Curtis and Amber and her partner, Michael.

Both women were left single as Curtis and Michael tried to pursue other relationships in Casa Amor and with Amy in tears, fans were concerned over their welfare and behaviour.

5. Fake news headline of Paige and Finn – January 2020, 544 complaints

The most recent series of Love Island saw a few controversial incidents, but it was the headlines game that ruffled the most feathers.

The headline, which reported that Finn’s head had been turned in Casa Amor, caused concern for Paige as he vowed he stayed faithful to her there. Fans argued that it was misleading of the show to use this headline.

With 544 complaints out of 1,668 for the series, this was the most controversial moment of series six. Another moment that garnered several complaints was before the show began as images emerged of Ollie Williams posing with dead animals.

4. Georgia Steele and Jack Fowler’s kiss – June 2018, 655 complaints

Fourth on the list with 655 complaints was Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler’s kiss, prompting concern for islander Laura Anderson.

While the kiss was hotly contested on the show as to who initiated it, it was actually newcomer Idris lying about Jack had fans upset.

Expressing concern for Laura after suffering another knockback, the situation went on for a number of days before finally being cleared up by new Islander Kieran.

3. Maura Higgin’s advances towards Tommy Fury – June 2019, 709 complaints

Gaining over 700 complaints from fans was Maura’s unwanted advances towards Tommy. Sitting on top of him, Maura attempts to go in for a kiss, only for Tommy to turn away.

Fans responded that the scene made them feel uncomfortable, with many going as far as to say it was sexual harassment.

This moment, along with the Casa Amor fallout, totalled 853 complaints according to Uswitch.

2. Joe’s behaviour towards Lucy – June 2019, 500+ complaints

In second place was Joe and Lucy’s relationship, notably when he said he was worried she wasn’t spending enough time with the other female islanders.

The moment, which even sparked Women’s Aid chief executive, Adina Claire to speak out about the ‘controlling behaviour’ witnessed, reportedly triggered over 500 complaints alone, with more complaints also made for Lucy’s welfare. These issues combined awarded this moment second place on the list.

According to data retrieved from Uswitch, 2,003 complaints were logged in June 2019.

1. Dani Dyer seeing Jack Fincham’s reaction to his ex entering Casa Amor – July 2018, 2,525 Complaints

The number one moment that saw fans erupt was in series four. This was when Dani had been left distraught at seeing Jack’s ex had entered Casa Amor and was living with him for the next few days.

With over 4,000 complaints made in July 2018, reports have revealed that over 2,000 of those complaints were made specifically in response to this moment.

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