Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 1st June

Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, June 1.

Sharon and Nancy look after Linda as they wait for the ambulance to arrive at the gym. Linda tells Sharon she’s pregnant but Nancy doesn’t know. Her panic increases when she realises she can’t feel the baby moving. At the hospital, Linda reveals to a shocked Sharon that Mick isn’t the father.

Meanwhile, Mila opens up to Nyangi about her beliefs on FGM in an attempt to convince her to not allow it to happen to Kioni, but Kioni has overheard everything and runs off. Mila tells Iqra that her mum isn’t so bad, but Iqra is sceptical and considers calling the police.

Elsewhere, Jean manages to convince Mo to go on the cruise. Kheerat asks Ben for help protecting Jags in prison.

EastEnders, BBC One, 7.30pm

Liam seeks out Bernice to establish some ground rules for co-existing in the village. Bernice tries to return Liam’s engagement ring, but from Leyla’s view point it looks like Bernice is actually trying to propose. Shocked, Leyla slaps Bernice.

Meanwhile, Ryan catches Mack red-handed with Val’s coat – a treasured keepsake of Pollard’s. He urges Mack to do the right thing and even threatens to tell Cain what Mack has been up to.

Elsewhere, Jamie is unnerved by Kim and Will’s closeness.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Summer does her best to prove to Brody how serious she is about their relationship, but Brody tells her that he needs time. Sienna confronts Summer about the note she wrote about Brody.

Meanwhile, Sue’s health worsens as she is given an oxygen tank after collapsing. Luke contemplates turning to drink to cope, but will anyone stop him in time?

Elsewhere, Verity confides in Tony about her fears for Diane’s mental health.

Also, Felix is frustrated when Warren blows him off for Fergus, so Grace hatches a plan to invite them to a poker night tomorrow, and the game will be rigged to make sure Grace wins.

Hollyoaks, Channel 4, 6.30pm

Karen reminds Rob that they are going shopping for their 70s dinner night with Immie and Jack at lunchtime. Rob isn’t keen, as he’d rather be at his colleague’s leaving do, but Karen assures him they will be done in time for Rob to still attend the party.

Later, Valerie informs Karen of her breakup with Nathan, unaware of Karen and Rob’s marital problems. After the shopping trip runs late, Rob is glad to see Harriet for Colin’s leaving drinks. The atmosphere between the two soon turns flirty.

Meanwhile, Luca and Emma are relieved that Jonno has an appointment at the rehabilitation clinic.

Doctors, BBC One, 1.45pm

Sharon pours her heart out to Rita, explaining how after her relationship with Ian fell apart, she had no choice but to join her drug dealing brother and life went downhill from there. Rita assures Sharon that she still loves her no matter what.

Spotting the same van that was used in the kidnap by the Kabin, Gary forces his way inside, ordering Rita to call the police whilst he goes after Sharon. But outside the driver pulls out a gun.

Meanwhile, Abi is emotional as Seb’s hearse draws up on the street, while Nina is disgusted when Corey appears to ‘pay his respects’. Later, Abi’s devastated to overhear Corey on his mobile, laughing about Seb’s death. Picking up a broken bottle, she follows him.

Elsewhere, Carla and Sarah arrive at Lucas’ deserted premises and jemmy the door open hoping to reclaim their stock.

Coronation Street, ITV, 9pm

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